Britons Are Breaking Coronavirus Lockdowns & Mailing Luggage To Fool Police As They Flee To Second Homes

'Surely people aren't that selfish and cunning...are they?' said a police spokesperson.

a welsh seaside village
Llywelyn / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0 Cropped, resized.)

'Surely people aren't that selfish and cunning...are they?' said a police spokesperson.

Wealthy Britons with the means to own or rent vacation homes are getting around coronavirus travel restrictions by mailing their luggage ahead of time, The Sun reports.

The U.K., like so many countries in the world, has imposed strict quarantine rules in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. One of those rules forbids travel to vacation homes. And indeed, police in some vacation communities, such as the seaside village of Aberdyfi, are searching motorists on their way into town to make sure they’re not escapees from cities trying to move into town to get away from the coronavirus.

As it turns out, some Britons have figured out a way to cheat the system: they mail their luggage to themselves. When they arrive at a police checkpoint outside of a vacation community, without any luggage in their car, police have no evidence that they’re trying to flee to a second home, and have no choice but to let them proceed.

A Welsh delivery driver figured out that chicanery was afoot one day recently when he left his depot — his first five deliveries of the day were luggage deliveries.

“We’ve seen a number of suitcases through our delivery system Recently [sic]. It’s not a coincidence I’m sure,” he wrote.

Welsh police took to social media to express their outrage at the practice.

“Unbelievably we are investigating reports that people are sending their suitcases via courier with their clothes to holiday homes in Wales!… Surely people aren’t that selfish and cunning…are they?” the North Wales police said in a tweet.

Would-be second-home renters and owners may yet find that, even if they’re able to sneak past the police, the towns where they’re trying to escape to don’t want them there.

For example, in March, residents of the town of Snowdonia made a man turn around and return to where he’d come from in Sheffield, 115 miles away. Similarly, townspeople in a Cornwall town, where celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay owns a country home, have threatened to “hound” him and his family until they leave. They’ve been holding up there to escape the coronavirus.

The matter of wealthy people trying to escape cities for their country homes is not limited to Europe. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, wealthy New Yorkers, in a bid to escape the densely-packed city that’s being ravaged by the coronavirus, have been attempting to flee to second homes in the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, or other small communities. Year-round residents don’t want them there, however, and have even set up police checkpoints to turn them away.