Natalie Morales Chair Prank: ‘Today’ Host Surprised By Human Chair [Video]

Natalie Morales Chair Prank - 'Today' Host Surprised By Chair Prank [Video]

Natalie Morales fell for an elaborate chair prank on the April 1 edition of NBC’s Today show.

Magician Rich Ferguson appeared on Monday’s show to talk through some of his favorite April Fools’ Day pranks, and the bubbly TV presenter was firmly in his sights.

One of the magic man’s tricks? Disguising himself as a chair!

After co-host Matt Lauer introduced the April Fools section, clips were rolled of the Ferguson chair grabbing unsuspecting guests and crew members in the Today green room — including Natalie Morales herself. As the chair began to move beneath her, the startled presenter jolted back to her feet with a shriek.

While Ferguson’s prank was a more elaborate April Fool’s joke than most of us would dream up, the magician ran through a series of slightly more accessible gags.

These included placing fake spiders on toilet rolls, knotting up drinking straws, and doing something not-especially-funny with paper in the office photocopier.

Still, kudos for the chair prank, Rich. While not quite as outstanding as this, it’s better than our usual apple-pie beds.

Did you see the Natalie Morales chair prank on Today? And did you try any April Fool’s jokes yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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