Dak Prescott Representative Reportedly Denies QB Threw 30-Person Party Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Dak Prescott recently came under fire for supposedly throwing a birthday party for a friend that had more than 30 invitees. Now he’s reportedly denied at least parts of the report.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has been busy waiting for a new contract extension this offseason. It appears sitting and waiting made him a little stir crazy.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Prescott decided to throw a bash for one of his friends. Among the invitees were a couple of other Cowboys’ players, including star running back Ezekiel Elliot. The reports of Elliott being at Prescott’s house and of the party itself happening don’t seem to be in dispute. The website secured pictures of revelers eating, drinking and — most notably — not staying six feet away from one another.

TMZ also pointed out that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued orders meant to prevent any gatherings with 10 people or more. It appears Prescott can’t plead ignorance about that order, because the site also acquired an image and information about a sit-down dinner where only 10 people were invited.

It was clear from that image that while the group was technically following the orders of the Texas governor, the table was set up so guests would be sitting elbow to elbow.

Not long after the story of Prescott’s gathering broke, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that police were alerted to the get-together but couldn’t verify whether the Cowboys star’s soiree violated any social distancing rules. A spokesman for the department said because they couldn’t confirm the 30-person party, they could only remind Prescott and the people they did find at his home about the CDC guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Someone who the paper called “a source close to Prescott” also commented on the report. That representative claimed the quarterback didn’t throw a party that had more than 30 people. The source also claimed Prescott didn’t violate any social distancing requirements.

None of the photos acquired by TMZ definitively show the number of revelers rumored to be at Prescott’s party. What has been confirmed is that the Cowboys player has shrugged off social distancing rules before.

The quarterback came under fire last week when former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant posted a video showing the two working out together. Not long after the video surfaced, a picture of Prescott, Bryant, and several other people standing shoulder to shoulder, with their arms wrapped around each other, made the rounds on social media as well.