April 12, 2020
Donald Trump Says He Will Decide When To Reopen Economy 'Based On A Lot Of Facts And A Lot Of Instinct'

On Saturday, President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to discuss reopening the United States economy amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with anchor Jeanine Pirro, Trump promised to rebuild the crashing economy in honor of those who have died from the dangerous virus.

"We're going to rebuild it again in honor of all those who perished today," the president said, adding that he expects the economy to take off like a "rocket ship" once the country is reopened.

According to Trump, the stimulus bills passed by the United States Congress and signed by him, coupled with the American people's eagerness to get back to work, are guaranteed to lead to a "tremendous surge" in terms of the economy. The commander-in-chief stressed that the government has handled the coronavirus crisis the "right way," imposing various measures and instructing citizens to practice social distancing in order to contain the virus.

"We did it the right way. We took care of social distancing and all of the things, words that nobody ever heard before, frankly, and phrases. But if we didn't do that, we would have pulled through it," Trump said, arguing that initial estimates noted that more than 2 million could die from the problems associated with the virus.

Trump has not made the final call on reopening the economy yet, but he told Pirro that many "smart people" will guide him through the process. According to the president, an elite team of experts from various fields will be assembled in order to establish when and how to reopen the economy. The decision, he said, will be based on "facts" and "instinct."

"And it's going to be based on a lot of facts and a lot of instinct also. Whether we like it or not, there is a certain instinct to it."
During his interview with Pirro, Trump echoed the sentiment expressed at Friday's White House press conference, where he described the decision to reopen the economy as the most important of his presidency. At the briefing, Trump vowed to consult experts before making a determination, expressing hope that the country will be open for business soon.
According to public health experts, the process of reopening the economy would need to be carried out very carefully, since doing so too soon could lead to another major outbreak of the virus. Some experts claim that the best way to reopen the nation would be on a state-by-state basis, with the government gradually loosening restrictions in areas where there isn't a significant number of recorded COVID-19 cases.