100-Year-Old Woman Raps At Easter Ceremony To Celebrate Birthday [Video]

100-Year-Old Verna Owen, who awesomely celebrated her recent birthday with an impromptu rap in church.

Chesapeake, VA – Verna Owen isn’t your everyday centenarian. Proving age is no barrier, the Chesapeake great-great-grandmother bowls, writes, throws the discus, and even raps.

Keen not to let down her fans, Verna celebrated her 100th birthday on Easter Sunday by taking to her local church and dropping some sick rhymes. Over to Verna:

“It’s a cruel, cruel world when you stop to think / If you want to survive you got to swim not sink / So we mustn’t stop when we’re growing older / We must soldier the burden like a very brave soldier.”

And there’s more:

“So on with the show; do it nice and neat / Today is the day we must all compete / That is knock ’em cold! Bring on the Gold / As you all know there’s rappin’ in my soul…”

Verna, who scored a 175 in bowling last year, likes to stay active. In 2011, aged 98, she was the oldest female to show up for the National Senior Games in Houston, Texas where she won silver medals for the discus and bowling.

Speaking to WVEC about his inspiring mother, son Ad Owen said, “Try it. Don’t say you can’t do it. Don’t say you don’t have a taste for it. You don’t know if you haven’t tried it. So try it, and see what life brings to you. Don’t miss out.”

Daughter Vonne Purcell also speaks highly of her mom, whose 100th birthday gathering was attended by sixty of her family members from nine different states. “I just stand in amazement of my mother,” she says. “I hope that I have a little bit of those genes.”

Check out Verna in full flow below: