Arianna Huffington Trashes Loft In Chelsea, Lawsuit Claims

Did media mogul Arianna Huffington “trash” a fancy loft in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood? A new lawsuit alleges the Huffington Post founder did just that, and the owner alleges that six figures in damages resulted.

The loft allegedly trashed by Huffington in a series of banned parties and events is located at 227 W. 17th Street in Manhattan, and Huffington rented the space for a varying amount in the range of $30,000 each month.

Owner Eric Steel claims that, when Arianna vacated the seven-floor spread in January, the damage to the fully furnished premises was extensive. The New York Postdetails the complaint in which Steel alleges Huffington’s tenancy trashed the swanky loft, and he further alleges that the terms of the rental specifically prohibited any functions be held in the space:

“Huffington was using the apartment for large parties and business functions in breach of the sublease and Huffington’s promises … Dishwasher racks, stove knobs and a refrigerator drawer were broken and had to be replaced.”

In addition to his allegations that Huffington trashed the loft, Steel says that one piece of irreplaceable furniture was badly damaged when the media guru rented the property, and court papers read:

“The Gwathmey designed, custom made dining room table was damaged and scratched and the finish compromised … It had to be crated, hoisted out of the apartment and repaired by the original manufacturer.”

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Arianna Huffington denies trashing the loft and says that Steel’s claims are by and large untrue. She said in a statement:

“Every single claim in this suit is false except the square footage and the address … Eric Steel, who happily renewed the lease twice and visited the apartment multiple times, is holding onto $93,000 dollars in deposits, which he has refused to return.”

Steel alleges Huffington caused $275,000 in damage to the loft in her two years there.