WWE News: Another Superstar Criticizes Ronda Rousey As More Roster Members Speak Out Against Her

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, WWE superstar Lana took exception to recent comments made by Ronda Rousey in which the former Raw Women's Champion referred to wrestling as "fake" fighting. However, "The Ravishing Russian" isn't the only superstar who seemingly has a problem with Rousey's observation of the business. On Saturday, Alexa Bliss took to Twitter and also responded to Rousey's remarks.

"Was out for almost a year. Must have been 'fake.'"
While Bliss didn't mention the UFC Hall of Famer by name, it's clear that she was referring to Rousey. The Friday Night SmackDown performer was previously out of action following several concussions, and there were even rumors that she'd have to retire from in-ring action because of them. If anyone has experienced the negative side of being an in-ring competitor, it's Bliss.

Bliss' tweet also included a preview on her WWE 365 special chronicling her comeback from injuries. Perhaps this was her way of suggesting that Rousey should check out the show in an effort to understand more about the risk factor involved in pro wrestling. However, the documentary also has a connection to Rousey in regards to Bliss' injury woes.

Bliss had a program with Rousey during "The Baddest Woman on the Planet's" time in WWE. As the documentary reveals, she received concussions during that time which caused her to miss the Evolution pay-per-view in 2018. The film explains how she received those concussions after matches against Rousey at Hell in a Cell in September and a subsequent house show.

As documented by Ringside News, Nia Jax seemingly confirmed those reports when she opened up about approaching management because a certain superstar kept hurting Bliss during their matches. While she didn't say which superstar it was, the belief is that she was talking about Rousey.
"She was working an angle and she was continuously getting hurt [in a] certain angle with somebody. I remember her not saying anything, specifically because she wanted to be a team player. She was so nervous and she wanted to be a team player…Me personally from the outside looking in, I was so angry. I was like, 'no, she cannot do this anymore.'"
Becky Lynch has also been critical of Rousey in recent weeks, as she doesn't believe that former MMA star has what it takes to keep up with WWE's demanding schedule. "The Man" even suggested that Rousey should call it quits.

There is no word on when, or if, Rousey will return to WWE. However, should she ever return to action, she might not be the most popular superstar in the locker room following her dismissive remarks about the legitimacy of pro wrestling.