Chris Wallace Says 2020 Election Will Be A ‘Referendum’ On Donald Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Steve PopeGetty Images

Veteran anchor Chris Wallace believes the 2020 presidential election will be a referendum on Donald Trump‘s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, per The Hill, the Fox News Sunday host shared his thoughts about the upcoming election, when Trump will face off against the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Speaking on America’s Newsroom, Wallace pointed to a recent poll showing that Trump and Biden are tied.

According to Wallace, Americans will not cast their ballots based on who they prefer between Trump and Biden — they will make their decision in the context of Trump’s response to the virus.

“It seems to me as this virus goes on, that instead of this being a choice between the president and Joe Biden, as a lot of elections are, I think that this election is going to end up being a referendum on President Trump and the handling of the coronavirus,” the anchor said.

Wallace noted that he believes Americans will be “fair-minded” about the pandemic, with most of them realizing that Trump is not to blame for the virus. Nevertheless, he said, what the president does in the coming months will determine their opinion on his response to the crisis, and therefore the outcome of the election.

“Do they think he handled the health crisis well? Do they think he handled the economic crisis well?” Wallace asked.

“If they do, I don’t see how he gets beat. If they don’t, I don’t see how he could win.”

As The Hill notes, the coronavirus pandemic has made campaigning impossible, which has helped Trump. The president has been holding press conferences every single day, updating the nation about the latest developments pertaining to his administration’s response to the crisis.

Biden has made an effort to stay in the spotlight, holding virtual meetings, roundtables, town halls, and discussing the pandemic with experts. The former vice president’s virtual events have garnered little attention, however, with the vast majority of the media focused on Trump’s briefings.

Polls have consistently shown that Biden would be a strong opponent to Trump. However, as Wallace pointed out, new polling suggests that the former vice president’s once-formidable lead is evaporating. According to a Fox News poll conducted by Beacon Research and Shaw & Company, Biden plunged nine points since late March and is now tied with Trump.

Moreover, the president’s approval rating is at a record high, with 49 percent of voters approving of his job performance. Similarly, a majority of Americans — 51 percent — approve of the way Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic.