Wendy Williams Warns Tiffany Haddish Not To Fall In Love With Rapper Common

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On April 8, talk show host Wendy Williams issued a warning to her comedian friend Tiffany Haddish about her rumored boyfriend, Common. Williams claims that the rapper does not treat women right, according to Hollywood Life.

Williams expressed her shock regarding the rumors that Haddish and Common are reportedly an item during an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, which she is currently filming from her New York City apartment and broadcasting via YouTube. The host made it clear that she disapproved of Haddish’s choice of men when she discussed reports that the comedian is hunkering down with the musician in quarantine at his home, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Williams seemed to suggest that Common will leave Haddish when he tires of her.

“Tiffany, the thing is, don’t fall too hard in love. Common is not good with women. That’s all I’m saying. He keeps ya, until he’s done with ya. So it appears that they might be quarantining together… Are they quarantined together? I believe, yes,” she was quoted as saying.

Williams went on to divulge that Haddish had once talked to her privately about her crush on the rapper.

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“You know, she talked real girl-talk about what she’d do to him. So I guess it’s going down,” Williams said.

Haddish allegedly gushed to Williams about Common back in December, describing him as “smart” and “delicious to look at.”

This was shortly after Haddish and Common first sparked rumors that they could be dating when he made an appearance at her Black Mitzvah party that month, during which time the pair were photographed together.

Williams’ warning to Haddish to avoid getting too close to Common seems strange as only months ago, she seemed to encourage their relationship while on-air. During an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she called out Common, listing reasons why she felt he and Haddish would make a great couple, pointing out that the comedian is available romantically and would be a good match for him.

“Tiffany is so smart and in my opinion they’d make a great couple and I told her that…There is a very, very single, accomplished, wealthy, no children, no relationship women that likes you a whole lot,” she said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams began filming her daytime talk show from home this past Monday after production was forced to shut down due to the coronavirus. Her at-home show includes many of the same segments as before, albeit without a studio audience.