April 10, 2020
Paulina Porizkova Stuns In Glittering Gold Bikini As She Turns 55

Paulina Porizkova celebrated her 55th birthday by posting a jaw-dropping bikini pic. The legendary model reflected on her love-hate relationship with her looks as she posted "an admittedly flattering photo" taken just two months ago in Costa Rica.

In the photo, the mom-of-two was wearing a teeny gold bikini as she looked off into the distance while vacationing in the Central American country just a few months after the sudden death of her husband, The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. Paulina had her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and she looked tanned and toned in the pic as she posed amid a tropical background.

In the caption to the photo, Paulina admitted that she spent half her life appreciating her looks only in retrospect. The Czech-born supermodel added that during this quiet time of quarantine, she realized she's a "good" 55-year-old and that she even feels pretty.

She also said she is "grateful" for all the gifts in her life, as she noted that quarantining has been a good time to take stock of all of her blessings.

In comments to the post, fans and famous friends, including fellow models Bebe Buell, Rachel Roberts, and Cindy Crawford, reacted to Paulina's thought-provoking post.

"You're more than 'good'—you are amazing! Inside and out!" Crawford wrote.

"Happy Birthday to my forever girl crush!" wrote Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue editor MJ Day. "Just wear that suit around the house today! Why not! YOLO!"

Other fans asked Paulina how she stays so fit.

"A lot of exercise," Paulina wrote. "After this quarantine thing I'm gonna have a hell of a time gluing it all back."

During her modeling heyday in the 1980s and early '90s, Paulina posed for multiple Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, so fans have been seeing her bikini body for decades. In 2018, after a 27-year hiatus from the swimsuit issue, she was invited back for a photo shoot by Day.

In an essay for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Paulina revealed that she felt conflicted about being the "old lady" in SI. She later conceded that she was the "hot old lady."

Paulina has gotten real about aging in the past. In January, the supermodel posted a makeup-free selfie to Instagram to show her followers what she really looks like. Paulina admitted that when she sees herself with no makeup or filters, she feels like she looks "so old," and she expressed irritation with "the jowly bits" next to her mouth.

The Sports Illustrated legend noted that as she was approaching age 55, she was both vain and insecure.