Russian Troops To Afghanistan? Kremlin Confirms The Rumor

Russian Troops To Afghanistan? Kremlin Confirms The Rumor

“Russian troops to Afghanistan?” is the latest rumor being spread over the internet. But now the Russian Kremlin is confirming the truth of these rumors, saying they are sending Russian troops to Afghanistan to establish maintenance bases after NATO winds down operations in Afghanistan next year.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, five US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan were recently killed in a helicopter crash. Two US soldiers were killed by an Afghan police officer. Drone strikes have become so unpopular that the US Air Force stopped publishing Afghanistan drone strike data.

Sergei Koshelev, head of the Russian defense ministry’s international cooperation department, says the reasons they’re sending Russian troops to Afghanistan are based upon maintenance: “It is important to maintain the weapon systems and military equipment of the Afghan armed forces in a serviceable state.”

Koshelev also says that Moscow is worried “that any escalation of the situation in Afghanistan after NATO troops pull out in 2014 could have a negative impact on the security of both Russia and other European nations.” Still, some Russian military experts are saying the the new engagement will be limited to commercial obligations and will absolutely not involve any active military role.

Meanwhile, other countries are doing the opposite. The Obama administration is trying to wind down US efforts in Afghanistan. Even the 1,500 Australian soldiers on mission in Afghanistan will be pulled out before the end of 2013.

Do you think the Kremlin is giving good reasons to send Russian troops to Afghanistan?