Kayla Moody Teases Fans And Tugs Down Her Thong While Going Topless On The Couch

Kayla Moody poses for a selfie photot.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Kayla Moody went scantily clad in a hot new Instagram share that is getting noticed for more reasons than one.

The American model took to her account on Friday to share the raunchy snap, which sent temperatures soaring on her page. The image captured her posing inside a building with bare concrete walls and a large open window. The space was furnished with a cozy pink couch, which Kayla posed on by sitting up on her knees while turning her head over her shoulder to stare down the camera with an intense gaze.

Kayla gave her 698,000 followers something to talk about by stripping down to nothing more than a minuscule white thong that hardly provided any coverage for her killer curves. The cheeky panties offered a complete look at the model’s toned legs and famous booty, which Kayla has been far from shy about showing off on the social media platform. She teased her audience even more by tugging down the waistband of her garment in a seductive fashion, exposing her flat midsection.

The hot military wife narrowly avoided violating Instagram’s nudity guidelines by strategically placing one of her manicured hands over her bare chest. To the delight of many of her followers, however, plenty of cleavage was still left very much on display.

Kayla wore her platinum tresses down in the photo, with much of her hair cascading gently behind her back. She also wore a full face of makeup that included light pink lip gloss, eyeliner, and a thick coat of mascara that made her striking features pop.

A wooden table in front of her held a pink tea set and a book, elements for a potentially relaxing day ahead that Kayla classified as “Friday goals.” She asked her followers in the caption of the post what their own objectives were for the day. Some took to the comments section to respond to her question, however, many ignored the request and instead flooded it with compliments for the model.

“You look amazing today,” one person wrote.

Another fan said that Kayla had the “body of a goddess.”

“Flawless bombshell,” quipped a third admirer.

“How do you stay so perfect?” questioned a fourth follower.

The photo accrued nearly 3,000 likes after 35 minutes of going live.

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Live to love & laugh a lot.

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Kayla has been pushing the envelope quite a bit on her Instagram page this last week. Just yesterday, she took things even further with another post that saw her going completely nude aside from a pair of sexy thigh-high boots. The upload garnered a considerable amount of traffic from fans, who awarded it over 11,000 likes and 250-plus comments.