April 10, 2020
'Thor: Love And Thunder' Will Reportedly Include Korg's Origin Story But Beta Ray Bill Isn't Coming Soon

Thor: Love and Thunder will reportedly examine the origin story of one of the MCU's most beloved sidekicks. Director Taika Waititi said the next film is going to dive into Korg's backstory, according to Aaron Perine of Comic Book.

Waititi divulged the tidbit of information during a live-watch of Thor: Ragnarok on his personal Instagram page. The Love and Thunder director revealed quite a bit of information about what he expects to pack into the next film. Shooting on the project has been moved back because of the coronavirus outbreak, but it will likely hit theaters in early 2022.

Perine wrote that Marvel fans fell in love with Korg in Ragnarok, and they got a second helping in Avengers: End Game. Although Korg is one of the more well-liked side characters, fans of the series don't know much about him.

Voiced by Waititi, Korg showed up as one of the gladiators that fought alongside Thor and helped free him and The Hulk in Ragnarok. Korg was then spotted hanging out in the earthly version of Asgard after "The Blip" wiped out half the galaxy's population.

As viewers watched Thor: Ragnarok alongside Waititi virtually, one asked about Korg. The director then talked about how they had touched on the character's culture and will bring a more extended look in the next film.

"We do touch on Korg's culture. Where he's from.... if you look in the comics about Kronans, it's an interesting thing about where they come from."
While Waititi confirmed his next Marvel movie is going to explore at least one alien's origin story, he also seemingly confirmed one of the more popular characters from Thor's part of the Marvel universe isn't making his big-screen debut anytime soon.

Comic Book also reports Waititi addressed questions about whether Beta Ray Bill is going to make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. Bill is from a race of aliens known as Korbinites, and in the comics, he ends up gaining roughly the same strength and powers of the God of Thunder himself.

He was introduced in the comics as the first character outside of the Asgardian pantheon worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. During the Instagram Live session, Waititi was asked about the role, and he was somewhat vague about viewers seeing the movie version of the character.

"I love Beta Ray Bill. I'd love to have him in the film but I just don't know right now, thing are a little up in the air."
Thor: Love and Thunder is slated for release on February 18, 2022.