Desktop wallpaper Sunday - Some real gems

Even though I've had my head down in some ongoing projects as well as writing here and my home blog I've been getting an itch t o do some desktop remodeling of my machine. As nice as the Windows 7 rotating wallpapers are (and the Bing ones are absolutely gorgeous) I've been looking for some new wallpapers to replace them with.

So it was kind of timely that I came across this post at Smashing Apps that had some great looking offering. These are the ones that are on my short list but I figured that they were too good not to share with you here.

Top wallpaper: Reckless Impatience

Female Robot




Dark Asian Desktop Wallpaper

Shots Suck

3D Characters

Fallout 3

The Opiated Wallpaper

Abstract Flower


Alien Vs Predatora