Jobs Calls Google “Don’t Be Evil” Mantra “Full Of Crap” Then Cries Foul About Competition

Steve Jobs iPad Picture

Like any billionaire mogul, Steve Jobs plays by his own rules and says whatever comes to his mind without any comparison to his own choices in business. At a recent Apple town hall meeting he cited the Google mantra “Don’t Be Evil” while calling it “Bullshit” or “Full of Crap” (depending on the different sources at the meeting) while citing that the company released their Google Android OS and phone in an attempt to “kill the iPhone.”

While I agree with Jobs that a corporation the size of Google isn’t playing on just the side of good, his words lack any comparison to the free commerce society we live in, less we forget, the point of open commerce is the ability to create better technologies, which in turn leads to better innovations down the road. By releasing their own mobile phone to compete with Apple, Google is not being “evil” they are simply following the commerce foundation that our country has run on as a basic principle of our democratic society. While Jobs stopped short of calling Google evil for creating the Nexus One, his comments were all part of the same speech, no doubt a rally call for his employees in attendance at the company meeting.

Jobs then laid blame to Adobe, calling them “lazy” for refusing to work to their potential, he noted:

“they have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it.” Jobs also criticized Flash for being buggy. When a Mac crashes, it’s usually because of Flash, he reportedly told the crowd. “The world is moving to HTML5.”

Although he mentioned no attempt by Apple to fix the issues to their full potential. It’s funny that my Vista and Windows 7 setups have no problem with those options. Although I do agree that HTML5 is moving forward, which in my opinion is a large reason for Adobe slowly stepping away from their Flash platform and focusing on other core components of their business. It wasn’t all bad, Jobs did lament over the great history of Adobe and what they’ve accomplished with great admiration.

We also have to remember that Jobs called the iPad “revolutionary” which let’s be honest, is really just an oversized iPhone with a few new pieces of new functionality added in to entice ebook users to move over to the iPhone OS brand. The iPhone 1.0 was also short on new innovations, minus multi-touch and the Apple app platform, and he called that device revolutionary as well, yet it was missing A2DP, proper GPS capabilities, a 3.5mm headphone jack and half of the “basic” innovations offered on even some third world entry level phones.

It’s not that I don’t think Apple innovates, I’m actually typing this post on a MacBook Pro, it’s simply that Apple products, while inventive in how they deliver information, are nothing more than glossy versions of popular niche products with nice interfaces. I had long expected the Apple iPad to offer a full OS with 3G capabilities and a huge battery life, instead I was given an oversized iPhone….so while Google may say “Don’t Be Evil” it holds just as true for Apple products offering “revolutionary” gadgets such as the iPad. Apple is almost never the first to market with a product, however when another company decides to compete, they are some how acting “evil.” In that case perhaps Apple should use the mantra “Don’t Be Evil…Unless trying to grab market share from other tech firms, by offering sleek versions of their popular products.”