‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victoria Recruits A Shocking Person To Get Revenge

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) stuggles to support her brother Nick's (Joshua Morrow) latest venture, Dark Horse.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Shocking new The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Victoria will recruit somebody unexpected to help her get revenge on Adam and return to the CEO position at Newman Enterprises. Unfortunately, she might put the whole family and its business in jeopardy.

Adam (Mark Grossman) blackmailed Victor (Eric Braeden), and The Mustache handed over Newman Enterprises to his younger son without so much as blinking. It all went down when Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was recovering from being stabbed after Victor’s gala. She finally gained the strength to return to work just in time for Adam to take over, and she refused to stay on with her brother.

Heinle recently discussed the bombshell storyline with Soap Opera Digest.

“Right now, she’s more focused on getting revenge against Adam,” she of her on-screen alter ego.

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It’s true that Victoria could choose to focus on something else, but she is mad that her comeback was changed so abruptly. Even though Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) explains a bit that Victor did not do what Adam accused him of doing, Victoria isn’t willing to move on and forget that her brother ripped the company away from everybody else. She’s hell-bent on revenge, and she will try almost anything to bring Adam down.

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“Victoria discovered that Adam has betrayed Alyssa, and now Victoria will do her best to recruit Alyssa in a plan to take down Adam,” the actress admitted.

Alyssa (Maria DiDomenico) already seems to realize that Adam has betrayed her. She confronted him, and he appeased her for a while with the lie that he’s shopping her story around to a more significant publication. However, that only bought him and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) some time, and as Chelsea noted, Alyssa will never give the whole thing up, and Adam knows that she’s a liability. Now, Victoria is onto Adam using Alyssa, and she hopes to team up with his old friend to cause some major problems for her youngest brother.

“Victoria will put all her energies into finding out the truth of Adam’s leverage,” Heinle admitted. “However, if she’s not careful, her plan could backfire and cause even more drama for the Newmans and put Newman Enterprises in jeopardy.”

In fact, Victoria may push things too hard, especially so soon after getting stabbed and suffering both physically and emotionally. Hopefully, she doesn’t go too far and do some irreversible damage to herself, her family, or her family’s company.