Lira Mercer Poses In Front Of Painting While Wearing A Bra & Panties: ‘Now I Know My Picture Is Crooked’

Model Lira Galore attends the ALL Def Movie Awards at Lure Nightclub
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Lira Mercer (a.k.a. Lira Galore) showed off her phenomenal curves in a new Instagram share that delighted her 4.2 million followers. She sported a tan bra and matching panties by Fashion Nova while perched on a bare mattress. In her caption, Lira jokingly noted that the painting behind her was crooked, which became glaringly apparent after the photo was posted online.

Lira’s sexy outfit exposed her plunging cleavage and her lean torso. Her belly button piercing glittered from the center of her belly. Below that, she wore an itty-bitty pair of undies that barely hid the entirety of her nether regions. Only a small piece of fabric hid her pelvic area from the camera, and it was held in place by a thin elastic band on either side.

To complete her look, Lira draped a satin robe around her body. She let her robe slide down her arms, so it didn’t obscure her front. She also wore her hair in a half-up and half-down style, with small braids on either side of her part and the rest of her multi-colored strands left loose to cascade down her shoulders. She adorned her ears with dainty stud earrings and rocked a full face of makeup that included pink lipstick, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, lined eyes, and mascara, as well as perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

Lira’s post was a hit with her admirers. In less than an hour from the time of posting, the image racked up over 16,800 likes and more than 180 comments.

“Is that a self portrait behind? A true queen,” asked one fan, adding a heart-eyes emoji to their query.

Lira responded to confirm that it is.

“HOOOOOOOOT AND SEXY THICKOLICIOUS BODY!!!!!” exclaimed another admirer, trailing their rave review with multiple emoji expressing their adoration, including the starry-eyes emoji, flame emoji, and more.

“[Y]ou’re so stunning and such an amazing mother,” complimented a third user.

“Yup tilt it to the right just a little,” advised a fourth person.

Not long after sharing the above post, Lira followed up with a similar image. Her second share looked almost identical to the first, except she looked a little more playful and innocent while crossing her arms in front of her to shield her lower half from view. She credited her hair to the Beyani Hair Collection.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Lira had shared a saucy snap of herself wearing a lacy bra beneath a tight silk shirt.