Tyler Perry Picks Up The Grocery Bill For Thousands Of Seniors At 73 Different Supermarkets

Tyler Perry stepped up in a big way this past Wednesday to help lend a helping hand to the elderly in the midst of the coronavirus crisis by paying the grocery bills of thousands of seniors. The actor's generosity extended across multiple states, as he picked up the tab for seniors at 73 different supermarkets across both New Orleans, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia, according to NBC News.

The places where Perry chose to assist were picked with a purpose, as Atlanta is where he first started his acting career. He paid for groceries at 44 different Kroger stores there. In addition, New Orleans is where the actor grew up. As the area has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, he shouldered shoppers' grocery expenses at 29 Winn-Dixie stores across the city.

Perry's donations occurred during specific hours when only the elderly or immunocompromised were to be in the store in an effort to limit their exposure to others.

Perry, who has been known to be very generous with his money, touched the hearts of many, causing some shoppers to break down into tears. Other people turned to social media to extend their gratitude.

"My mom went to Winn Dixie this morning and as she went to check out they told her that Tyler Perry was paying for everyone in the stores groceries!! What a blessing he is!!!" one woman from New Orleans tweeted.

Another woman named Lori Freehling -- also from New Orleans -- arrived at the checkout counter at Winn-Dixie fully prepared to pay for her own groceries. She was astonished when the cashier informed her that her bill had already been taken care of. She was so touched that she decided to pay it forward herself by donating to a food bank in the amount that her grocery bill would have been. She shared the heartwarming experience in a viral Facebook post.

"She asked me 'Do you know who Tyler Perry is?' 'Yeah, I know who he is,' I said. 'Well,' she said, 'he just paid for your groceries as his random act of kindness.' 'Really?' I said as my eyes teared up, thanking her as she handed me my receipt. Thank you Tyler Perry!"
Perry is one of many generous celebrities to lend a helping hand in a time of great need. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor Swift sent money to a fan who was out of work due to the coronavirus, ensuring that she would not lose her apartment.