Body Found Hanging From High-Rise In California [Video]

Dead Man Found Hanging High-Rise

A body was found hanging from a high-rise in Sacramento, California. The man’s body was recovered from the 1201 K Tower this morning by a team from the Sacramento Fire Department.

Spectators crowded the streets as rescue workers repelled down the side of the Sacramento office building. The man, who has not been identified, was hanging by two lengths of rope which were wrapped around his body. Responders state that they found the man in a “sitting position.”

As reported by CBS, the rope was wrapped in a way that suggests the man had experience in the military or with mountain climbing. No special climbing or repelling equipment was recovered from the scene.

Authorities believe the man, who was found hanging near the 17th floor, died accidentally. They did not find any evidence of suicide or foul play at the scene. The coroner will make the final determination, but authorities have suggested that he may have died of asphyxiation or a pre-existing medical condition.

As reported by Fox News, authorities received the call around 8 am but have not yet determined how long he had been there. The rescue team recovered his body around an hour later. They hope evidence found inside the building might help them determine why he was hanging on the side of the building. The coroner and building engineers are cooperating to piece together what might have happened and when.

The downtown Sacramento high-rise houses numerous offices including law firms and public relations companies, but the man was reportedly not employed within the building. They have no idea how he was able to enter the building. They hope security footage will give them some clues.


For now, the man’s motive and cause of death are a mystery. Authorities continue working toward a better understanding of the tragic situation.

The name man, whose body was found hanging from the high-rise, has not been released as authorities are attempting to notify his family.

[Image via Wikimedia]