Michelle Money Shares Big Updates On Daughter Brielle’s Recovery After Skateboarding Accident

Michelle Money attends a premiere of 'The Bachelor'
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The Bachelor alum Michelle Money took to her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon to share some positive updates on her daughter Brielle’s medical situation. Almost two weeks ago, Michelle’s teen daughter was seriously injured in a skateboarding accident. She has been in a medically-induced coma since then, but Thursday’s new updates suggest that Brielle is making fantastic progress toward recovery.

In the Thursday afternoon Instagram post, which was originally written by Brielle’s father Ryan Money and reposted by Michelle, it was detailed that the teen had apparently made a lot of forward progress. Brielle’s medical team has been working on weaning her off of many of the IV medications that have kept her in a coma since the accident, and she seems to be tolerating that process well.

Getting Brielle off those medications is great news, although Ryan noted that it is a slow and long process that could take several weeks. However, the teenager is already starting to show some signs of being aware of her surroundings. The Instagram post included a short video showing Michelle’s daughter moving her hand, and her father said that she has been following some commands.

Brielle hasn’t opened her eyes yet, but she has shown a variety of facial expressions as her body adjusts to the medication weaning. There was also a sensor attached to her head that has been removed, another big step forward for the 15-year-old.

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Repost from @rcmoney • Update: April 9th 11am SO MUCH PROGRESS!!! I do not say this flippantly, your prayers are being heard and felt. Brielle is doing so well. She is off almost all of her IV medications. She is still on the Dilaudid but they are trying to get her off of that today. They will switch to giving her morphine through a feeding tube. The nurse said that it is a 20 day weaning process on morphine to get her off of the pain, sedation and paralytic medicines. Brielle started moving and will raise her eyebrows when 'yelled' at or pinched. The medical staff is asking her to squeeze their fingers or move her toes and she will do it most of the time. Her left side is definitely more responsive than her right side. She moves her left hand a lot (video) and is getting some expressions in her face. – The sensor is out of her head!!!! So happy about that. TODAY – Brielle is getting an MRI and CT scan around noon. She might not need the CT scan, they are checking with Trauma to see. Here is some other big news, depending upon how early we get this MRI done and how much sedation/paralytic they have to give her to hold still, she could potentially get extubated today (where they take that breathing tube out of her throat). That would be such a big thing for Brielle, I know she hates that breathing tube. So please keep her in your thoughts that her MRI and CT scan will go well and that they will be able to take that breathing tube out. If the MRI comes back good then they will be able to take the neck brace off too!!!!!! LET'S GO!!! Brielle, we are so proud of you! For her to start moving made us all cry…

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At this point, Brielle is still on a breathing tube. Even in her medically-induced coma, it has been clear that she does not like this tube, and the doctors may be able to remove it soon. She was slated to have an MRI — and perhaps a CT scan — on Thursday to see how things were shaping up.

Ryan also noted that Brielle starting to move made everybody cry — an understandable reaction, given all they have been through over the past 10 days or so.

On Wednesday, Michelle’s boyfriend, Mike Weir, shared a big update via Instagram that she reposted as well. Mike brought Michelle Chick-fil-A to eat with him in the parking lot — a meal that apparently is Brielle’s favorite. They shared that she was starting to try to open her eyes, and all of her loved ones are anxious to see that happen.

Just a few days ago, Brielle’s condition seemed pretty dire. Michelle noted that if the pressure in the teenager’s brain didn’t lower and stabilize, they were going to have to make some tough decisions about alternative treatment strategies. Michelle asked everybody to pray at a certain time, and she later said that her daughter’s condition started to turn right after that.

While it is too soon to know what the outcome will be for Brielle, Michelle and the rest of the teen’s loved ones are feeling confident and joyful about the progress that is being made. Brielle seems to be making serious strides in her recovery right now, and fans of The Bachelor will be anxious for more good news.