Viviana Castrillon Is A Vixen In Red Lace Lingerie

Viviana Castrillon snaps a selfie.
Viviana Castrillon / Instagram

Viviana Castrillon added another electric photo to her Instagram feed. The Miami-based model’s most recent upload saw her in racy red lingerie that highlighted her fit figure like a dream.

The model stood in the center of the frame, posing seductively with a male enhancement product in her hand. Castrillon tagged the shot in Miami Beach, where she appeared to be in a bedroom. A cream wall and a sliver of a bed were visible in the background as well as an open door. She posed on her knees, leaning most of her weight on her hand, which rested on the floor.

She sported a revealing lingerie set that did a great job of showing off her ample assets. The attire boasted a vibrant red color and minimal fabric with only a sheer layer of lace covering her breasts. The bra was secured with black straps that had gold clasps in the front, adding a shiny aspect. Her top came complete with a matching necklace that had a hint of the red fabric as well as a black strap that dipped between her voluptuous assets. The piece dropped down to her ribs and accentuated her trim tummy.

Only a small portion of her bottoms was able to be seen in the upload, but they seemed to sit high on her hips. The red panties helped to draw attention to Castrillon’s fit legs as well. She let her body do most of the talking, adding a small navel piercing and a pair of diamond stud earrings as her only accessories.

She styled her long, brunette locks with a few small waves while hair cascaded over her left shoulder. The model — who once earned the title of Miss Playboy Colombia — added a gorgeous application of makeup to complete the red-hot look. Her defined brows helped frame her almond-shaped eyes, and she appeared to add fake lashes to the tops of her lids. Castrillon also rocked a light purple eye shadow, which proved to be the perfect complement to her manicured nails. A light blush on her cheeks and a shimmery pink lip gloss completed her sultry look.

Fans have showered the sexy photo with a ton of praise already, earning the model over 14,000 likes and 180 comments.

“You are such an incredibly beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing. You are much appreciated. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay beautiful,” one fan raved, adding a few red heart emoji.

“Thanks, Dear, the most beautiful quarantine babe ever,” a second fan added.

A few more Instagrammers were left speechless and commented with emoji instead of words.