Kayla Moody Strikes Seductive Pose In Bed While Flaunting Ample Underboob

Kayla Moody snaps a selfie.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Kayla Moody fired off another seductive snap on her Instagram feed early this afternoon. The April 9 social media upload saw the model in a sizzling ensemble that consisted of a tiny tank, white panties, and knee-high socks.

Her second share of the day was just as racy as her first, which showed the blond bombshell posing nearly naked in the desert. The sexy shot captured the model hanging out in bed, which was made with crisp white sheets and a set of luxurious looking pillows. The headboard was unique with cream pads making up the majority of the piece while the frame was illuminated with a bright light around the border.

Moody didn’t look like she was ready for bed, posing on her knees and throwing her head back into her hands. Her scandalous outfit did a great job of highlighting her enviable body with her top boasting sheer white fabric. The piece hit halfway down her chest, flaunting an eyeful of underboob for her captivated audience. Moody opted to push the envelope even further, going braless underneath and showing her breasts through the thin material.

Her bottoms added another level of sexy with thin waistbands that rested high on her glowing hips. A triangular piece of fabric covered what needed to be with her bronze thighs and chiseled tummy popping against the material. The undies also featured a bold black Calvin Klein logo around the band. Moody opted to go jewelry-free in the update, adding a pair of neon pink tube socks as her only accessory.

Moody’s hair was worn tousled on one side of her shoulder, with the bottom of her tresses hitting just below her chest. She added a striking application of makeup that helped to make every single one of her gorgeous facial features pop. Her brows were defined while a light dusting of eye shadow covered both of her lids. Moody extended her lashes with mascara while contouring her face with blush and highlighter. The hottie polished off her glam with a light pink gloss that did nothing but favors for her luscious lips.

The post has only been live on her page for a few short minutes, but it has earned an incredible amount of traffic from adoring fans. In addition to over 3,000 likes, over 100 comments have been added to the steamy snap.

“Your absolutely gorgeous and so sexy Kayla!” one fan wrote alongside a series of emoji.

“Extremely hot and sexy,” another admirer added.

A few other fans answered the question that was posed in the caption, telling the model that they’re wide-awake after seeing her latest post.