Rapper Lil Yachty Paid A Fan $500 To Drink His Own Urine During An Instagram Live Stream

Brandon Bombay

Rapper Lil Yachty has been challenging fans to perform extreme stunts during his Instagram live streams. He recently offered a fan $500 to drink their own urine. After the stunt, he received online backlash for exploiting people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many high-profile members of the hip hop community have used Instagram to promote upcoming projects, interact with fans and keep themselves entertained while staying home during the COVID-19 crisis.

As reported by HipHopDX, Lil Yachty, whose real name is Miles Parks McCollum, had offered fans $200 via Cash App to perform outrageous stunts, such as shave off their eyebrows, eat a stick of deodorant, or eat cat food.

During a recent stream, the 22-year-old rapper upped the stakes and offered $500 if a young fan would drink his own urine. A viewer recorded footage of the exchange and posted it to Twitter and Yachty retweeted the clip.

In the video, the fan shared the Instagram feed with the rapper and showed a toilet he had urinated in. The Lil Boat artist encouraged the young fan to take some out and drink it for the viewers watching.

"Ya bro, dip your cup in there and drink that...I got $500 for that...get a scoop in that b*tch," Yachty said.

He questioned the fan on whether it was actually urine or just a yellow substance in a toilet, but the young man promised the rapper it was real. After scooping liquid out of the toilet he held it up for the camera to show a glass half-filled with urine.

The stomach-churning video then showed the fan struggle to finish the glass as the rapper and his friends egged him on. On Twitter it received over 3,100 likes and 500 retweets.

"@lilyachty is a coward for even acknowledging this. This video is trash. People are dying every minute from a real crisis and your over here making people drink pee for money. You're a lame."

"Boy suck my d*ck I ain't make him do dat sh*t he wanted some money lol," Yachty wrote.

Several fans shared their disapproval in the replies to the rapper's tweet.

"That's so lame boat," one commented.

"That's crazy...all the dares and you tell him to do that," another wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Lil Yachty received online backlash last month for wearing a dress and wig for a new music video.