Dallas Cowboys Prospect Kenneth Murray Detailed How His Parents' Good Deeds Shaped His Approach

The Dallas Cowboys recently held a FaceTime interview with one of their top draft prospects, Kenneth Murray. While the interview blew the team away, it wasn't necessarily because of Murray's answers about football. In fact, it turns out Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the rest of the front office were quite impressed by the former Oklahoma Sooner's answers about when he had met adversity in his life.

The Cowboys' social media team put the video of Murray's answer on their Twitter account because, as they put it, "There are moments in an interview where you learn something about a prospect that goes far beyond football."

After Jones asked Murray what kind of setbacks, controversies or challenges might have helped him become the football player he is, Murray changed tone a bit.

He answered that he did want to talk about what made him the way he is, but that he didn't consider it a setback. Instead, the linebacker said he learned how to be selfless and give to others.

Murray then told a story about how both of his parents imparted that lesson. When he was younger, his family adopted three special needs children. Those children had many adversities to overcome, and the diseases they had were extremely rare.

The Dallas prospect said his family had to take the children to the doctor 25-30 times a week. He added that the time commitments also required his parents to lean on him, as he was the oldest.

Murray talked again about how he didn't see those trials as a setback but as more of a life lesson about how to treat people and how to help others. Bringing it all the way back to how that situation turned him into the player he is today, Murray said he feels like it made him a go-getter. He said it also allowed him to become a self-starter and added that he's not someone who needs to be fired up.

When Murray was done with his explanation, it was clear Jones was moved by the tale. The Cowboys owner seemed to be at a loss for words, told Murray that he provided a "strong" answer, and gave him a sincere thank you.

While Dallas recently beefed up its linebacker corps with the signing of Aldon Smith, the team appears to be giving Murray a long look and could be interested in drafting him should he still be around later.