Dallas Wiens Wedding: Full Face Transplant Recipient Marries Fellow Burn Victim [Video]

dallas-wiens-wedding-jamie nash 2013 video

Dallas Wiens, the nation’s first full face transplant recipient, tied the knot on Saturday, marrying Jamie Nash, another burn victim that he met at a support group in Texas.

Wiens, 27, was in a cherry picker painting his church in Fort Worth, Texas in November 2008 when he accidentally touched a high-voltage wire. As a result of the accident, Wiens suffered facial burns all the way through to his skull and was completely blinded.

In 2011, he underwent a full facial transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and shortly thereafter began attending a support group for burn victims.

It was at this group that Wiens met Nash, a fellow victim who was suffered severe burns on over 70 percent of her body as a result of a car crash.

“He’s marrying someone who can share about their pain that they’ve gone through, and their recoveries. They have fantastic attitudes about why they’re where they are,” Wiens’ step-grandmother, Sue Peterson, told the Dallas Morning News.

Exchanging their vows in front of a congregation of over 150 people this past weekend, Dallas lovingly told his beautiful bride, “I am blessed beyond measure that you have chosen me, and I love you with all of my heart.”

Nash responded:

“Things happened that I didn’t think ever could be possible for me, and you made them possible. You gave me hope, and you gave me tender love that I will always treasure.”

dallas and jamie nash

This is the second marriage for Wiens and Nash. Wiens has a 5-year-old daughter from another relationship. Nash has a 10-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son.


According to WFAA, the couple is planning to share their wedding video with the world in a reality show about tragedy survivors who help others.

More on Dallas Wiens’ amazing story in the video below: