‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Nina’s Seemingly Deflated And Shaken

Cynthia Watros portrays Nina Reeves on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on April 9 tease that there will be a lot of emotional moments served up via both flashback scenes and present-day Port Charles developments. All signs point toward a new chapter set to open regarding Nelle, and viewers may learn some interesting and essential tidbits about the town villain by the time Thursday’s show is over. Many suspect that the revelations on the way will ultimately connect Nelle to Nina, although that’s not known for certain quite yet.

During Wednesday’s show, Carly and Nelle had an intense discussion about their complicated relationship. Now, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s more coming with Thursday’s show.

Carly did not remember ever having met Nelle when they were young, but it seems they did. In fact, Nelle will tell Carly that Frank asked his older daughter to stay with them, but she left instead. It seems that this came as a crushing blow to a very young Nelle and sparked her later desire to connect with, then ultimately destroy, Carly in Port Charles.

As Nelle and Carly have this difficult discussion, General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will continue her chat with Jax. Nina was essentially booted from her office once Carly arrived, and she’s been opening up to Jax about all of the chaos. In the sneak peek for Thursday’s show shared via Twitter, Nina will get emotional during this talk.

Something will prompt Jax to suggest that Nina doesn’t seem convinced of some aspect of their discussion. A seemingly shaken Nina confirms his perception and admits that she’s not sure at all.

When Nina and Jax first started this conversation during Wednesday’s show, she told him that Carly was dangerously close to crossing the line with Nelle. While the next part of this conversation may still be related to Nelle, it seems that it must shift to a degree and may become more about Nina’s daughter.

Nina has been looking at that half-heart necklace a lot lately. According to Soap Central, Nina is supposed to close in on the truth about something this week, surely the truth related to her daughter.

Spoilers for the week teased that a major development would finally come on this front. Given Nina’s demeanor as she has this upcoming discussion with Jax, it seems likely that they are discussing her possible daughter and that she is feeling somewhat hopeless that she’ll ever gain any clarity on the situation.

Just as Nina is feeling hopeless, General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers will finally get some confirmation about a long-rumored bombshell. The buzz is that when Nelle talks to Carly about that one meeting they had long ago, the flashback will show the young girl wearing the other half of the necklace.

The background has always been that Nelle was Frank’s biological daughter, while Frank was Carly’s adoptive father. However, it may turn out that Frank took Nelle in too, and she may have never known this.

However, there is another theory floating around that would ultimately connect Willow and Nelle in a sense. It could be that Frank and Madeline connected years ago and coordinated an effort to sell Nina’s baby, Willow, to Harmony. The infamous heart necklace may have ended up in Frank’s hands and been given to Nelle, the real reason for the jewelry’s existence unknown.

Whether Nina’s daughter is Nelle or Willow, spoilers have promised that fans will see bombshells drop and twists emerge this week on General Hospital. No matter which way this story heads, there’s going to be a lot of fallout in Port Charles and it seems fans are finally about to get answers or some heavy hints about what comes next.