Krissy Cela Gives Instagram Followers An Eyeful Of Her Chiseled Physique In ‘Cardio Challenge’ Workout

Krissy Cela takes a mirror selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela challenged her 2 million Instagram followers to a grueling cardio workout in her most recent post to the social media platform.

For the workout, the model leaves plenty of skin on display, giving her fans an eyeful of her gym-honed figure. On her upper half, Krissy wears a light gray sports bra that extends to just below her chest and exposes her toned abdomen. She pairs the top with darker gray spandex booty shorts that have a high waistband with the words Nike Pro written in white lettering. The shorts cling to the model’s sculpted backside and upper thighs, contouring perfectly to her chiseled physique.

For footwear, Krissy goes with a pair of white sneakers and matching white ankle socks. She wears her long, dark tresses pulled back into a ponytail and adds a touch of eye makeup and glossy lips to complete the look.

The cardio challenge circuit is split across four individual video clips, each featuring a different exercise in the workout. Krissy performs the workout in an open interior space with hardwood flooring and doesn’t use any equipment.

The fitness trainer begins with reverse knee-ups, jumping up with one leg bent at the knee and then extending it back behind her as she lands.

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The second exercise in the circuit is jumping lunges. Quickly alternating legs, Krissy jumps in the air and lands in a front lunge. The next video features 180-degree jump squats. The model keeps her heart rate up with jumps as she turns her body back and forth, landing in a squat each time. The final exercise is the burpee, a move that involves the entire body.

In the caption of the post, Krissy lists the exercises in the circuit and specifies how many reps her followers should do of each. She encourages them to go through the entire circuit without stopping and then take a 60-second rest, repeating the workout three times. The model adds a list of alternative exercises for those looking for a slightly easier workout.

The post currently has nearly 40,000 likes and over 400 comments from fans eager to try out the challenge and compliment the model on her killer figure.

“I have followed you since the beginning! Love what you do and so proud of you! Your [sic] my inspiration!” one Instagram user commented.

The cardio challenge is one of many home workouts that Krissy has been posting to her Instagram page in an attempt to encourage followers to continue with their fitness goals despite the coronavirus lockdown. Last week, she posted a fired-up ab workout that amassed over 50,000 likes and more than 500 comments.