Jessica Killings Flaunts Sculpted Physique While Teaching Fans How To Improvise Home Workouts

Jessica Killings takes a mirror selfie.
Jessica Killings / Instagram

Jessica Killings is an Instagram fitness model who often takes to the social media platform to show off her gym-honed figure in skimpy outfits and lingerie. She also frequently posts exercise videos in which she demonstrates workouts for her followers. This week, the model taught her fans how to be creative using items they already have at home for a fitness routine.

For the workout, Jessica wears a black, one-strap sports bra that teases a bit of her cleavage and leaves plenty of skin on display. The gap between the top and the black leggings on her bottom half gives followers a view of her toned tummy. The tight-fitting leggings show off the model’s sculpted legs and backside, and are partially covered by mid-calf black socks with white lettering.

Jessica lets her long, straight brunette tresses hang loose for the workout, spilling down her back and over her shoulders. She adds a bit of makeup to complete the look, an application including mascara and pink lips, and accessorizes with an exercise watch.

The post consists of four separate video clips, each featuring a different exercise in the circuit. The fitness trainer incorporates household items into the workout such as white rags and a black backpack.

The first exercise that Jessica demonstrates is a squat paired with a front kick. As the model comes out of each squat, she alternates kicking forward with each leg in a circular motion. The second exercise in the circuit is a mountain climber and jump combination. Using the rags, Jessica slides her feet back and forth on the smooth floor, and alternates with a move that involves spreading her legs out to the side.

The third video features the sliding bridge. Continuing with the rags under her feet, Jessica positions her body in a bridge and slides her legs out and back. The final exercise is Russian twists using a backpack.

In the caption of the post, Jessica tells her followers that if they can’t go to a gym, it’s not a problem. She encourages them to get creative in their use of home exercise equipment and adds the hashtag “#noexcuses.”

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments from the model’s large fanbase of 1.9 million. Many of her followers praised the workout and thanked Jessica for the encouragement while complimenting her toned figure.

“You are goals!” one Instagram user commented, following up with a fire emoji for emphasis.