Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Flaunts Killer Figure As She Powers Through Intense Upper Body Workout

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Hanna Oberg added to her Instagram collection of home workout videos on Wednesday when she posted her latest exercise circuit targeting the upper body.

For the workout, the fitness model wears a white sports bra that leaves her sculpted midsection exposed and allows her followers a view of her chiseled arm muscles, complete with a full sleeve of tattoos on her right arm. She pairs the top with high-waisted black leggings that are accentuated with small splashes of green. The leggings cling to her curves and highlight her gym-honed backside.

Hanna completes the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and accessorizes with a couple of thin bracelets and a necklace. She wears her brunette tresses up in a bun to keep her hair out of the way as she works out and allows a few loose strands to frame her face. The trainer adds a touch of eye makeup and pink glossy lips to finish the look.

The post consists of five different videos, each featuring one exercise in the upper body circuit. Hanna performs the workout in her living room, utilizing a red resistance band for equipment. The first video starts with the Swedish model flexing her bicep muscles and sticking her tongue out for the camera before she jumps into the workout.

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HOME UPPER BODY BURN Be sure to LIKE ???? and SAVE the video thank u It’s a perrrrfect day for a upper body burn. Gym or not.. WE GOT THIS! Hitting you with a full upper body sweat session ???? Trying to keep it as interesting, intense and fun for you guys as possible ???????? Save and try it out. Toss in some abs there and you’re all set Pregnant???????? or not.. perfect for both!! Postpartum is something you have to feel for yourself. I’m 7weeks postpartum and really like these LET’S GET SWEATIN METHOD: 1️⃣ Seated shoulders press side to side | 4set x 15-20reps each side 2️⃣ Bicep curl INTO Front raise | 4set x 10-15reps each side 3️⃣ Behind neck lag pulldown | 4set x 15-20 reps 4️⃣ Bend over pause rows | 4set x 15reps total (5reps each movement) 5️⃣ Diamond push-ups | 4set x 10-15reps on knees if needed TAG YOUR FRIENDS & spread the home workouts ???? King’s Rant – Masego ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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The first exercise that Hanna demonstrates is the seated shoulder press in a side-to-side motion. The model uses the resistance band to complete the exercise while kneeling on a pillow for extra comfort. The second exercise in the circuit is the bicep curl into front raise. Using the resistance band once again, the fitness trainer alternates between bicep curls and front raises.

In the third video, the mom of one powers through some behind the neck lag pulldowns, fastening the resistance band to a surface above her head to complete the move. The fourth exercise is bend over pause rows. Hanna stands with the resistance band trapped under her feet and alternates pulling up on the band with each arm.

The final exercise in the circuit is the diamond push-up, which is similar to a regular push-up except that the model positions her hands toward the middle of her chest and forms a diamond shape with her arms as she performs each push-up.

In the caption of the workout, Hanna outlines how many reps and sets her followers should do for each exercise and encourages them to give the workout a try. She adds that her goal is to make the workouts as interesting, fun, and intense as possible.