Bethenny Frankel, 49, Shares Unfiltered Makeup-Free Photos: ‘This Is What I Look Like Most Days’

Bethenny ditched the cosmetics and the filters to share a very important message with her Instagram followers.

Bethenny Frankel attends the 71st Emmy Awards
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Bethenny ditched the cosmetics and the filters to share a very important message with her Instagram followers.

Bethenny Frankel posted two completely makeup-free photos and a very important message to her Instagram account this week. The 49-year-old mom of one gave her 2.2 million followers an unfiltered look at her natural beauty. At the same time, she opened up about the struggles many people are facing right now as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The April 8 upload of two photos showed Bethenny without a stitch of makeup and her brunette hair down as she cuddled up to her two adorable dogs, Biggy and Smallz. The former Real Housewives of New York star kept things super casual as she rocked a navy blue-and-white oversized sweater with a pair of green flannel pants.

The first snap showed Bethenny as she gave the camera a smile while she rested her face on the side of a white chair with her pets in front. She sat in the same position in the second photo but looked down toward her pets instead of at the camera.

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This is what I look like most days. It’s not filtered. It’s not lit well. & right now, for the worst time in many lifetimes, for many people, life isn’t filtered. . Unemployment is at record numbers. People are holding signs saying, “will work for food,” domestic violence is up, people are losing their jobs at every economic level, the poor are getting poorer. People’s emotional states are in jeopardy, mental illness is exacerbated. It’s truly a catastrophic crisis inducing fear and anxiety and trauma. Will there be a silver lining? Is this a global reset? If so, from what & where to? . Will our world be as superficial and materialistic as it was before this wake up call? If we’re not surrounded by people who feel that this is a change in the world, then we may choose to surround ourselves with new people. . I’ve played my part in this process as much as anyone. . I long for the day when we took a photo, developed the film, and prayed for the best. It was authentic. It was us. It represented the truth and not false reality where it’s more important to show people how good our lives are than for them to actually be good. . I’ve lived during a time when turning a camera on ourselves for everyone to “look over here,” “look how great I look in a bikini” would be a narcissistic preposterous action. & I get it, this is me too. . The way I am happiest and most comfortable 90 percent of my time is not posting where, what & when I’m supposed to be posting, because it’s good for “my brand” & will get likes. This has become a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” scenario. & maybe I am a little tired of the game when watching people suffer with real world problems. . Maybe there is a world beyond fake filters, fake photos, fake lighting, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake curves and body parts, fake contouring, fake lives & fake people. Maybe this experience will take us closer to that place. . I’ve lived on “reality tv” for over a decade, & that wasn’t reality. What people are facing right now, that’s reality, & it isn’t pretty. . If there is one thing Coronavirus has reminded us of is what is real and what is important because everything else is just filler. . #thisisme

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The reality star and businesswoman proved that she’s most definitely a natural beauty in both snaps as she stripped back all the cosmetics, photoshopping, good lighting, and filters to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what she really looks like “most days.” Also in the caption, she shined a spotlight on the pandemic and the possible effect it could have on the world.

The lengthy caption highlighted a number of issues, including the spikes in unemployment, domestic abuse, and mental illness, caused by millions of people across the globe being put under a stay-at-home order.

Bethenny also got very candid about social media in the heartfelt post and how she believes she’s happier when she’s not posting life updates on her various accounts to show people what a good time she’s having.

Bethenny — who recently opened up about how she’s grown closer to her boyfriend Paul Bernon amid the pandemic — added that coronavirus “has reminded us of… what is real” alongside the hashtag “#thisisme.”

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MISSION 6: . A: THANK YOU to The Verstandig Family Foundation @grantverstandig4 for their donation of $1.3 million to: $500,000 to state of AZhealth dept. $150,000 to state of IN health dept. $500,000 to MedStar Health $200,000 to Inova Health *The above 2 consist of 200+ hospitals, clinics & health care facilities in MD, DC, & VA . B: 2,000 KN95 masks, 2,000 surgical masks, & 500 biohazard hazmat water resistant full body protective suits are delivered or en route to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital . C: 500 biohazard hazmat water resistant full body protective suits en route to NY Presbyterian Hospital & NYU Langone Hospital . D: 500 N95 masks, 1,000 KN95 masks, 2,000 surgical masks, & 500 hazmat water resistant full body protective suits are en route to Greenwich Anesthesia Associates, Upstate University Hospital, Brigham Women's Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, UMass Memorial Medical Center, Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital, & SouthSide Hospital . * #BStrong distributes aid according to the specific crisis and allocated by state proportionally to the country. Severity & necessity differs by state & shifts. . We shift accordingly. Within facilities, we allocate aid according to positions. 3M masks might be for an ER MD & an office or cafeteria worker might need an FDA surgical mask. . This provides more aid with a purpose & covers more ground. . We’ve 2x exceeded our goal of 100+facilities & our goal of $16 million in aid distribution in 15+states. Our new goal is $50 million in aid to healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers & frontline warriors throughout the US. . Please donate & support #BStrong & @globalempowermentmission by clicking the link in my bio. #thisisacrisis #COVID19 #Coronavirus

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The upload has received more than 63,000 likes and plenty of comments from fans who were clearly touched by her words.

“You are truly what I call ‘A GOOD HUMAN’ so thank you for that,” one Instagram user said.

“Maybe one day we will make peace not only with the world. But with ourselves. Because this is definitely a reality check. Stay safe,” another comment read.

The post also caught the attention of Christina Aguilera.

“Wow. I couldn’t agree more with all you wrote above. Thank you for putting it into such powerful and truthful words.”

Bethenny’s most definitely been doing her part to help out amid the crisis. She recently delivered 500,000 masks to medical professionals via her charity BStrong.