Chynna Rogers Dead, 25-Year-Old Rapper’s Cause Of Death Unknown

Chynna Rogers on Instagram
Chynna Rogers / Instagram

Chynna Rogers is dead, according to E! News. The West Philadelphia rapper was just 25 years old, and her cause of death is unknown.

The rapper’s family issued a statement on her death.

“Chynna was deeply loved and will be sorely missed,” it read.

Although she began her career as a model with Ford Models at the age of 14, she made the switch to rapping after working with the late record producer Steven Rodriguez, who was known as A$AP Yams. Rogers gained recognition with the song “Selfie” in 2013 and “Glen Coco” in 2014, and then she released I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening in 2015 followed by music 2 die 2 in 2016. She also dropped a mixtape titled Ninety on her 22nd birthday, reported Pitchfork. The rapper released her in case i die first EP in 2019, making it the last music she released before her death.

Chynna Rogers Suffered Addiction Problems

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Rogers previously opened up about her recovery from opiate addiction, which came around the time her music started taking off. Her mother died one year after the rapper finished rehab, but she did not allow the significant loss to knock her off the wagon.

“My mom would be really tight with me if I used her as an excuse to fall off,” she told Pitchfork in a 2018 interview. “It’s just more reason to work and get this sh*t done.”

The Rapper Recently Posted On Instagram

Just yesterday, Rogers shared a post to her Instagram account that featured a series of nine video clips, and her caption revealed that her life felt uncomfortably on brand, and she noted that she’s felt moody. Nearly 12,000 Instagram users hit the “like” button on the post, and now the rapper’s fans are also using it as a place to post their condolences upon hearing that she died. Several friends and fans also expressed their disbelief that Rogers passed away at such a young age with so much life left to live.

“Rest In Peace twin Leo. I’ll make sure to celebrate you on our birthday, I love you forever,” wrote singer, songwriter, and model Andrea Vallé.

“You just called me, we was plottin’ on some big shit. I’m sick. I’m hurt,” artist Gianni Lee replied.

“I still hate that this was your last post. I’m angry and hurt, and I have so many things to say to you that I can’t even say to you now. Rest up kiddo thanks for sharing your light with me,” said stylist and brand consultant ROX.

The videos featured various clips of Rogers talking. In the first one, she noted that so much music provided a soundtrack to people’s lives, and she said that instead, she needed music to die to, which was the name of one of her EPs, but the words take on an eerie feel after her passing.

The second video in the series included several clips of President Donald Trump repeating “China” as he has so often in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the tariffs he placed on the country. Of course, the pronunciation of the country’s name sounded just like the rapper’s first name.

One of the other clips that she shared yesterday was mobile phone footage of herself on a stage singing Panic! At The Disco song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” in front of a raucous crowd.