WWE News: COVID-19 Safety Memo Issued To All Staff And Superstars Ahead Of TV Tapings

WWE is making sure that all employees feel safe and secure during the upcoming tapings.

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WWE is making sure that all employees feel safe and secure during the upcoming tapings.

A memo has been sent out to all WWE superstars and staff members ahead of the upcoming TV tapings planned by the company. With very little taped footage remaining for weekly shows, WWE is going to get back to work, but the promotion wants everyone to know that it’s taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. The full plan is outlined in the document, which lets all employees understand the specific safety measures being taken when filming resumes.

PW Torch revealed that WWE does indeed plan on getting back to taping new content beginning late this week or next. All of this week’s shows are said to be done with enough footage for everything in the first five days following WrestleMania 36.

The upcoming tapings are being held at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and filming will continue with no fans in attendance.

Some superstars were not on Sunday’s card due to concerns about potentially contracting the illness. TMZ is reporting that WWE is going to take every single precaution at the upcoming tapings, and the company detailed it all in an email sent out to employees.

The memo outlined all protocols that WWE has in place for taping shows during this concerning time. One thing that started at WrestleMania 36 and will continue at the tapings is that every person’s temperature will be taken before entering the building.

WWE is advising superstars to arrive early as there could be entry delays with everyone having their temperatures read.

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WWE is encouraging its employees to wear a face mask once inside the Performance Center. If an employee does not have a face mask, the company advises them to look online and figure out how to make one of their own.

In the memo, some ideas are also given, with instructions on how to sew a mask, ripping the sleeve off of an old T-shirt, or wearing a bandana. Face masks will not be worn when filming is taking place as superstars will be instructed to take them off at that time.

Hand-washing protocols are detailed in the email as well. WWE instructed everyone to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and to do so before and after handling a face mask.

WWE is planning on taping content for numerous episodes of Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and NXT for the next few weeks. There will be as much footage as possible taped in the least amount of days acceptable for TV.