Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Hears A Shocker From Nelle As The Two Revisit Their Youth

Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

During Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers saw Carly and Nelle have an exceptionally difficult talk in the present day. In addition, some flashbacks to Carly’s younger days were shown and spoilers suggest that all of this will continue on Thursday’s show. In fact, it seems that Nelle is going to spark a memory that Carly had forgotten long ago and this has the potential to change a lot between them.

The preview that aired at the end of Wednesday’s show revealed that Nelle will soon tell Carly that, indeed, they had crossed paths before. Carly said she never knew Nelle and there was no reason to think of her as a sister. However, it seems that a flashback scene coming on Thursday will prove Nelle right.

A young Carly told her mother that she was aspiring for bigger and better things in her life. Despite her father Frank having abandoned them years before, Carly was determined to track him down. She thought she could get him to pay much of the child support he’d skipped out on for years.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that viewers will see Frank, seemingly on Thursday. These flashback scenes of Frank will feature James Patrick Stuart, who currently plays Valentin.

The buzz is that what is shown of Frank is deeply disturbing and that all of this will greatly influence things coming soon for present-day Carly and Nelle. General Hospital spoilers seem to be suggesting that Carly will find Frank, hoping to get money from him, and things will get ugly.

Apparently, Frank asked Carly to stay at that time, but she wasn’t interested. Instead, Carly took off to build the big life she has envisioned for herself.

Later, when Nelle learned that Carly is wealthy and doing well, she struggled to cope with the rough childhood she had. Nelle had it in her head that Carly would recognize her and embrace her as a sister, despite the fact they aren’t biologically related. Instead, Carly has no recollection of having met her and this has caused a lot of grief and disappointment for Nelle.

What does all of this mean for where this storyline heads next? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps signal that Michael, Willow, Sasha, and Chase will continue to formulate a plan of their own for dealing with Nelle. Given that, it doesn’t seem that Carly’s conversation necessarily resolves much of anything.

Will the show manage to rehabilitate Nelle by sharing this insight into her childhood? Will Carly gain any much-needed insight as this plays out? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s still a lot of drama ahead with this and more will be revealed during the April 9 show.