‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Nelle Needles Carly By Pinpointing A Trait She’ll Hate To Admit

Chloe Lanier of 'General Hospital' attends the Daytime Emmy Awards.
Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Nelle and Carly have been at odds with one another for quite some time now, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this ongoing conflict is coming to a head soon. It appears that the two women will have yet another confrontation during Wednesday’s episode and Nelle may force Carly to accept a truth she will surely hate to admit.

In the sneak peek shared via Twitter, Nelle is seen talking to someone and it seems virtually guaranteed that she’s with Carly during this scene. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will say this person can start by admitting they are just like her. This certainly will not sit well with Carly.

Carly will not want to admit it, but Nelle is speaking some truth. Carly and Nelle share some aspects of their childhood since they both had Frank Benson as a father.

Frank seemingly was no real prize as a parental figure and it appears their experiences with him significantly shaped Carly and Nelle’s future. As General Hospital viewers know well, each woman has a long history of being scheming and manipulative.

Nelle is great at playing sweet and innocent when she needs to, but those who know her are no longer fooled by this act. Carly still does plenty of scheming and generally makes no apologies for it. At the same time, she probably would have a hard time realizing that — in a lot of ways — she hasn’t necessarily changed much from who she was when she first caused waves in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show detail that viewers will get an opportunity to learn quite a bit more about both Carly’s time with Frank as well as Nelle’s childhood. This episode is said to give people a stronger sense of what drove Carly to become as feisty and intense as she is now and fans will seemingly learn more about Nelle’s background, too.

These days, Carly doesn’t talk much about the early years of her life. However, General Hospital spoilers detail that she will get upset during a conversation with someone and she’ll insist that she never received a dime or anything else from Frank.

It’s not clear whether she’s talking to Nelle or someone else during that interaction, but whatever prompts this outburst clearly touched a nerve for Carly. As SheKnows Soaps notes, this episode is slated to give viewers some juicy surprises regarding Carly’s history, some of which will have present-day ramifications.

General Hospital spoilers hint that the dynamic between Nelle and Carly will be increasingly intense, as what seems to be a final battle comes to a head. Fans will have plenty of chaos to embrace as they watch every minute of the action.