Jena Frumes Flaunts Her Curves In White Lingerie Set While Posing In Her Laundry Room

Jena Frumes attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event
David Livingston / Getty Images

Model and social media influencer Jena Frumes is raising temperatures with her new Instagram post. She loves to prompt engagement with her followers by asking questions in her captions, and she did it again by asking about laundry habits while showcasing her curves in a set of white lingerie.

The latest photo shared by Frumes showed her posing next to a stacked washer and dryer with a variety of laundry-related products set on the washer next to her. She stood with one arm pressed against the wall, and in her other hand, she was holding a white garment of some sort.

Frumes looked off to the side, past the photographer, as she maintained a fairly serious look on her face. Her gorgeous curls were swept across the top of her head and a few tendrils obscured the side of her face as they cascaded over her shoulders.

In this new photo, the model was wearing a fairly simple, yet sultry, set of lingerie. The matching bra and panty set had lace trim on both the top and the bottom, and the pieces weren’t necessarily all that revealing.

Despite the relatively conservative nature of this lingerie set, Frumes’ incredible figure looked stunning. Her chiseled abs were impossible to miss, and a fair amount of her cleavage was highlighted by the cut of the bra as well.

Frumes’ 3.8 million followers wasted no time in embracing this new snapshot. Within just the first 40 minutes after she shared the shot, nearly 40,000 people had liked it. Not only that, but more than 230 notes filled with praise and admiration filled the comments section.

“Honey you look magnificent,” wrote one of Frumes’ followers.

“My wcw @jenafrumes,” praised another fan.

“Good morning beautiful,” commented someone else.

“Yasss queen,” was the fairly simple note from a different supporter.

By the looks of the comments, dozens of Frumes’ fans felt that their sentiments about this new look could most properly be expressed simply via strings of emoji. People clearly thought this lingerie ensemble was a sizzling hot look on the model, and they will surely be anxious to see more in the days ahead.

Frumes has been sharing fresh photos quite regularly during this time of social distancing, something her followers seem to appreciate greatly. Whether it’s lingerie, Daisy Duke shorts, skintight workout wear or a revealing bikini, Frumes’ curvy figure always raises heart rates and generates a lot of love.