Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’ Gives First Look [Video]

Under the Dome gives first look teaser

Stephen King’s Under the Dome has finally put out a first look at the television series based on the book. The show was announced that it was headed to CBS back in November of 2012 and will finally air on June 24 of this year.

This particular science fiction story was a bit of a departure from other King works and was actually the second novel in the last few years that has taken a more Sci-Fi feel than his usual supernatural horror.

Stephen King’s other big Science Fiction book, 11/22/63 is also being developed, this time as a movie though it appears to be having a bit of a rocky time in development.

Under the Dome is set in a small New England town called Chester’s Mill. The town seems like every small New England town you could think of until a an invisible force-field in the shape of a dome descends upon the town.

With the town completely separated from the outside world, things start to devolve quickly, aided by the power hungry town selectman and his right hand men. In the video that gives the first look, King says that “people’s eyes are going to bug out of their skulls” when they see what the show has to offer.

Brit Robertson, one of the series’ stars talked about the show saying, “Two-thousand people secluded. It just gets pretty scary very quickly.” The ensemble cast has plenty of faces that people have seen before.

Among the townsfolk who will be trapped inside the dome will be Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris, Twilight‘s Rachel Lefevre, Life Unexpected‘s Robertson and Pan Am‘s Mike Vogel.

The one character who apparently has not been cast yet is Big Jim Rennie. There is not confirmation if the book’s villain has been cast yet or whether the antagonist might be someone else in this series.

Check out the first look for Stephen King’s Under the Dome below.