Kathryn Freeman Flaunts Bombshell Curves In Skimpy Workout Attire

Kathryn Freeman snaps a selfie.
Kathryn Freeman / Instagram

Kathryn Freeman rocked another sexy workout-chic ensemble in her most recent Instagram upload. The April 8 post flaunted the fitness coach’s enviable curves that have helped thrust her into stardom.

The new addition to her page showed the model standing outside on a perfect day as she confessed that she was trying to see where the “good people” in the world were. She posed in the center of the frame on a sidewalk, with a glistening pond and vibrant green grass at her back. Only a few puffy white clouds lined a portion of the bright blue sky while the sun bounced off her figure. The model failed to geotag her specific location, but the photo appeared to indicate that she was in a warmer climate with a slight covering of palm trees behind her.

For her casual walk, Freeman looked dress to impress in a coordinating set that perfectly suited her curves. The top of the outfit was gray, with a low-cut neckline that exposed ample cleavage to her captivated audience. Her capped sleeves hit on the upper arm, drawing attention to her fit biceps. The smoldering top hit just below her chest, highlighting her trim midsection and abs.

Her bottoms were just as sexy, clinging to every inch of her lower half. The sturdy cotton material did the model’s killer curves nothing but favors, accentuating her round backside and her strong stems. She added a pair of sky-high white heels, helping to elongate her legs. The front of the footwear had a stunning, colorful pattern that made her outfit pop.

Freeman kept jewelry to a minimum, adding a pair of large hoop earrings that perfectly popped against her dark locks. She parted her thick mane to the side, letting the natural curls flow down her back. The fitness star sported minimal makeup, letting her blemish-free skin speak for itself. Only a small application of mascara and defined brows were included in the look.

Fans wasted no time flooding her social media feed with love, double-tapping the post over 16,000 times while adding over 300 comments. Many fans “dropped” their location and told Freeman the best thing about their home, just as she asked in the caption.

“Good morning, how are you? You are so beautiful. I am in Kentucky,” one follower wrote, adding a line of flame emoji.

“Hello Kathy I’m trying to get your attention you are so beautiful,” a second social media user raved.

“Detroit — and it’s kinda crazy here now with the coronavirus running wild but the best things about Detroit is the music made here. Stay safe,” another fan explained.