Donny Osmond Reveals His Greatest Accomplishment During Quarantine

Actor Donny Osmond attends the 4th Annual National Believe Day at Macy's Pasadena on December 14, 2012 in Pasadena, California.
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Donny Osmond revealed he has achieved his greatest accomplishment during a self-imposed quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. Donny’s surprising statement has the support of his 182,000 Instagram followers. The singer checked off another career milestone by being included as a clue on a 56-year-old game show for one of the most memorable roles he has ever created.

Donny shared a photo to Instagram featuring a television screenshot of the game show Jeopardy!, hosted by Alex Trebek. The singer was surprised when he was used as a clue along with actress Tori Spelling, as seen in the image below.

Donny is known for his portrayal of the Peacock, which earned him a runner-up slot on the first season of the popular NBC show The Masked Singer.

In the ongoing competition series, a group of masked celebrities compete against each other in costume. The stars perform two at a time, with the audience and judging panel voting on the winner of each matchup. The overall winner of Season 1 was T-Pain, who appeared as the Monster.

Fans of the singer who regularly watch Jeopardy! commented on Donny’s post, expressing their surprise that he was a clue on the game series.

“I answered correctly and my husband said, ‘how do you know so much about Donny Osmond?’ My answer, ‘I’ve loved him since I was 12 years old,'” shared one Instagram user about their quick response to the Jeopardy! question.

Another follower commented on the use of masks during the coronavirus pandemic, noting that Donny has a great one he can wear for protection at home.

“You know I was thinking. Since we’re all supposed to be wearing masks now, that would be a great one for you,” joked a fan, referring to Donny’s Peacock costume.

“Have you really never been a clue before?! I’m surprised…but that is so cool!” said one stunned admirer.

“You HAVE arrived!!!” said a fourth follower of the singer.

Just days earlier, Donny shared a post to Instagram, in which he was pleasantly surprised by an act of kindness by some children in his neighborhood. The superstar posted a photo and a quick video of some sidewalk chalk art displayed on his driveway.

The children sketched a chalk image of Donny in character as Captain Shang from Disney’s Mulan with the words “Let’s get down to business.” They also drew a peacock, an homage to Donny’s performance on the competition series, with an accompanying statement that read “our #1 Masked Singer!!”

Donny then took a photo with the children, while keeping the appropriate social distance, in front of his home.