Liz Katz Takes Harley Quinn Cosplay To New Level Of Sexiness In Latest Post

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Cosplay model Liz Katz has put on plenty of different costumes over the years, but it appears she’s partial to Harley Quinn, as she has dressed up as the Batman villain a few times. Although she’s repeated the character, she always keeps things fresh and interesting.

On Tuesday, Katz took to her Instagram page to post a brand new pic of her in a Harley Quinn outfit, going with the old school look this time around. Back in February, the model paid homage to the DC Comics character by posing in a shot that evoked the character’s look from the Birds of Prey movie.

For her most recent post, Katz wore her own version of a Harlequinn costume — the now-iconic look Harley Quinn wore upon her debut in the comics — that left very little to the imagination.

Her outfit started out with the iconic cowl and mask that have been seen in so many different versions of Harley Quinn, throughout television shows and comics. She paired the headgear with a skimpy red string top that she made even more sexy by pulling the edges in toward the center, flashing quite a bit of side-boob.

The bottom of the outfit was just as risqué, if not more so. Katz wore matching red panties with strings that wrapped around her upper thighs. The cosplay beauty’s anime tattoo was able to be seen, along with plenty of skin.

The new photo proved to be popular with the chesty model’s 1.2 million followers, who liked the post over 66,000 times and left over 550 messages for her. Fans took to the comments section to voice their pleasure with the latest look.

One user even went beyond the overall sexiness of the outfit and wanted to know where Katz got part of her costume.

“I love this cowl you have!!! Did you make it yourself or did you have it made?” they asked. The model responded, saying she had it made by a company called Reevfx.

“Will you be my court jester?” asked another.

“This is amazing! Well done!” a third social media user wrote.

The model wrote that she was wearing her Tuesday best in the post’s caption, and it appears her fans agree.

Katz has made a career out of taking some of science fiction and comic book lovers’ most popular characters and putting her own spin on their look through her cosplay. Tuesday’s outfit does the same as even the riskiest of Harley Quinn choices in the movies or comics showed quite as much skin as the model did in her latest post.

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Dressed in my Tuesday best. #harleyquinn

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