Tyra Banks Shocks Fans By Saying She Gained 25 Pounds Since 2019 ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Cover

The supermodel says the weight will come off someday -- just not today.

Tyra Banks hosts Nine West New campaign launch event in celebration of International Women's Day at ABG West Style Studio.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

The supermodel says the weight will come off someday -- just not today.

Tyra Banks says she has gained 25 pounds since last year. The 46-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model dished on her surprising eating habits in an episode of Harper’s Bazaar Food Diaries.

In a lengthy run-down of what she eats in a day, the longtime America’s Next Top Model host shocked fans as she talked about her daily diet that includes “candy” bacon, bagels with cream cheese, “bags and bags” of snacks, burgers, and Mexican food.

Tyra has never worried about her weight and has a healthy body image. She previously revealed that her mom, Carolyn London, helped her not to “trip out” about her weight. But the supermodel did admit to fans that she has put on some pounds since she appeared on the cover of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

“Right now, you can’t tell because I have on a men’s blazer,” Tyra told her fans in the video. “I am 25 pounds heavier than I was on the cover of a very famous swimsuit magazine that came out last year.”

The supermodel added that the weight will “come off one day, but not today.”

Tyra explained that food is “one of the most important” things in her life and that she even considers food her “hobby.” The gorgeous star said she loves to find new restaurants, food festivals, and supper clubs, and that she often orders delivery of the same exact menu items from two different restaurants so she can compare them at home.

Fans were shocked by Tyra’s food revelations and expressed their feelings in the comments section of Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube video.

“Am I the only one that was expecting green smoothies and salads,” one commenter wrote.

“‘Supermodel Tyra Banks,'” another wrote. “But when you click it, it ain’t celery sticks, kombucha, and salads. I LOVE HER.”

“If models in America’s Next Top Model would eat like this she would scream at them,” another noted.

But others praised Tyra for not getting hung up on the scale. Some said the extra weight looked good on the model, while others felt she was getting revenge for all the starvation she likely underwent during her modeling days.

“Love Tyra always,” a fan wrote. “I think it is so important that she’s talking about our relationship with food and body positivity. A supermodel who gloats she’s gained 25 lbs– that’s so incredible!”

On Instagram, Tyra also teased that the list of what she’s eating may have gotten “a little longer” since starting quarantine amid the COVID-19 health pandemic.