Lauren Drain Soaks Up The Sun In Revealing White Swimsuit For Sultry Throwback

Lauren Drain's most recent Instagram share showed her in a skimpy white swimsuit, and it's been generating a lot of buzz on social media. The "World's Sexiest Nurse" has made a name for herself on the platform, and her most recent shot highlighted her bombshell bod. In the photo, Drain showed off the fit physique that she has worked so hard to achieve.

The setting was picture-perfect, with textured sand as far as the eye could see. The model, who recently sizzled in a crocheted bikini, tagged her location at the Nellis Sand Dunes, noting that she was off-roading. Before she could receive push-back for traveling, she reminded followers that the image was a throwback taken before social distancing.

In the snap, the model lay sprawled out in the sand, arching her back in the air to create a little bit of space between the sand and her figure. She stretched both arms far behind her head, resting her pert derriere firmly on the ground. The Las Vegas hottie made a dent in part of the perfectly smooth sand, digging both of her feet underneath it. She sizzled in a sexy white one-piece that clung to her curves, highlighting her rock-hard body. The neckline of the piece dipped low, offering a glimpse of cleavage in the middle. The suit was made of minimal fabric, and the armhole stretched down to her hip, offering views of ample sideboob as well.

The garment appeared to have high-cut sides that rested entirely on her hips, elongating her tanned stems. The outfit also did a great job of showcasing other parts of her enviable body, including her toned arms, trim tummy, and muscular legs. Sun bounced off of every inch of her body, and the stark white color of the bodysuit did a great job of making her bronze skin pop.

Tiny details were added to the swimwear, including small studs running around every edge. Drain opted to go jewelry-free in the shot, finishing her look with an application of makeup that was only partially visible due to her arm blocking part of her face. She seemed to include the basics with shimmery shadow, defined brows, and light pink gloss.

The post has been sitting on her page for a handful of hours, and it's already earning her stellar reviews from fans with over 15,000 likes and 80-plus comments. Most were quick to rave over her beauty while many others commented on the caption, urging Drain to post more throwbacks.

"So lovely and sooo beautiful," one admirer wrote, adding single heart-eye emoji.

"Heck yeah, I don't see why not! We all need to pretend to escape right now lol," another fan added.

"Lauren dear if there's anything draining it's my eyestrain from admiring your amazing perfect luscious legs," one more raved.