Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina Rants To Jax About Carly’s Treatment Of Nelle

Ingo Rademacher and Cynthia Watros play Jax and Nina on 'General Hospital'
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Spoilers for the next episode of General Hospital detail that the focus will be almost entirely on Carly and Nelle. Carly is bound and determined to destroy Nelle no matter what it takes, and it seems that Nina is going to voice some concerns over this.

Nina has spoken to Carly about Nelle, and she has even made a commitment to see what she can learn that might help Michael with his custody case. Even though Nina and Carly are now allies on this, at least to an extent, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the Crimson head might feel that things are going too far.

In the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show shared via Twitter, Nina is seen having a conversation with Jax. During this discussion, it seems that Nina will be pretty agitated. She will tell Jax that Carly is coming very close to legitimately harassing Nelle, and it looks like she may want him to try to intervene here.

Carly is pretty over-the-top about Nelle at this point, and she has been having a difficult time restraining herself when it comes to this custody situation. On Tuesday’s show, she told Michael that she was going to be the one to end this ongoing drama with Nelle, and she has already talked about possibly taking quite drastic action.

Could Nina end up actually trying to protect Nelle rather than feed what she gleans from her to Carly? SheKnows Soaps notes that Nina will try to reason with Nelle during Wednesday’s show, but it’s not clear if her efforts will have much of an impact. Even if Jax does try to insert himself in this situation to talk some sense into Carly, it may be difficult for him to make any real headway.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Wednesday’s episode will include some flashback scenes to when Carly was a young girl still living with Frank and Virginia Benson. These scenes are designed to give viewers some fresh insight into why Carly has become so intense and fierce, and everybody will see a young Nelle as well. There are also supposed to be some surprises coming with these scenes that will be important in present-day Port Charles quite soon.

In addition, there may be some developments related to Nina’s ongoing search for her daughter this week. While Willow saw the necklace during Tuesday’s show and seemed rattled by it, General Hospital spoilers have also hinted that Nelle could end up being Nina’s daughter.

If that does turn out to be the case, it’s not a stretch to think that Nina could shift sides in this Wiley saga quite quickly and become very protective of her newfound daughter. General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday’s show is going to be a big one in terms of where all of this Carly and Nelle drama heads next, and it does sound as if Nina will figure into upcoming events rather prominently.