‘The Conners’ Fans React To Dan’s Latest Heartbreak As Katey Sagal Returns For Surprising Scene

The Conner patriarch misses Louise, but he may have missed his chance with her.

John Goodman and Katey Sagal of The Conners
Eric McCandless / ABC

The Conner patriarch misses Louise, but he may have missed his chance with her.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Conners episode “The Icewoman Cometh.”

The Conners fans are speaking out after Dan’s chance at happiness seemingly went into the trash can.

On the most recent episode of the Roseanne spinoff, the Conner patriarch (John Goodman) revealed that he missed Louise, the high school friend (played by Katey Sagal) who was looking for more than just friendship with him.

After Dan decided to surprise Louise on the tour with her rock band, he was stunned to see her backstage making out with another guy. The brokenhearted father of three dropped the bouquet of flowers he had brought for Louise into the trash can and left the bar miserable. She never saw him.

Fans now think that Dan’s comment that his late wife Roseanne would want him to be “miserable” without her could be true.

In comments to a photo from the scene posted to the official Conners Instagram page, fans reacted to the heartbreaking scene.

“I love them together,” one fan wrote of Dan and Louise. “He deserves to have a second chance at love!”

“Didn’t like Louise with someone else,” another added. “My heart broke for Dan.”

“That was stupid,” a third fan wrote. “Don’t make her with someone else.”

“It’s can’t be too late for Dan and Louise,” another Conners fan wrote. “Love will win.”

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The Conners fans also wonder if the “ghost” of Roseanne will interfere with Dan’s chances to find love. Indeed, many longtime viewers still can’t picture Dan with anyone other than Roseanne. And it seems Roseanne can’t, either.

Earlier in the “Icewoman Cometh” episode, Dan said his wife of 45 years made it very clear that if she went first, she wanted him to be miserable for the rest of his life. Just as he told that story to his daughter Becky (Lecy Goranson), a paint can spontaneously fell from a shelf in the garage, prompting Dan to say of his late wife, “She’s here.”

While Roseanne may still be “around,” fans haven’t seen the last of Sagal’s Louise character. In a synopsis posted by The Futon Critic for the upcoming Conners episode “Pilot Lights & Sister Fights,” Sagal is listed as a guest star. The episode description reads, “Dan is finally ready to share his feelings with Louise, but it could be too late.”

Even if Dan and Louise end up getting together, fans know that Roseanne will always be the love of the Conner patriarch’s life.

Sagal even told TV Line Roseanne can never be replaced in Dan’s heart.

“[But] widowers continuing on with their lives — romantically or [otherwise] — is a real thing,” The Conners guest star said.