'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shares Dramatic Photo With Instagram

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil shared a dramatic photo on Instagram, stunning her fans with a shot that is stunning in its simplicity and sheer beauty. Instead of a bikini photo, Haley posted a stark image that showed why she is one of the most in-demand models in the industry.

The model posted the pic, a solo shot taken from the shoulders up, to her social media account. She used this as a way to continue to connect with fans during this time of self-quarantining. Haley's caption was a funny observation of a very real dilemma many are facing daily when it comes to exercising self-control.

Haley is looking directly into the camera in the startling image, her face the breathtaking central focus of the photo.

In the shot, Haley's body appears to be submerged in water. Both of her arms are seen above and below the waterline in the pic. Her arms have droplets of water on them and are crossed one atop the other, her chin almost resting on her hands.

The Sports Illustrated stunner's auburn hair is straight and appears wet. It is parted to one side and creates a frame for a face that appears to be sans makeup.

Fans of the model are used to seeing all her facial freckles covered up with a foundation for many of her most memorable bikini shoots for the sports publication. Sports Illustrated devotes an entire issue annually to celebrating beachwear and beautiful women.

This time, Haley's unadorned face is seen in its natural beauty. Freckles appear on her forehead, down her cheeks, nose, and chin.

For the natural beauty shot, the model's expressive and naturally full eyebrows are filled in with a pencil, further enhancing their high arch.

Light mascara appears to be on Haley's eyes. Sans liner, they look wide and clear and are one of the most dramatic features seen in the photo. Haley's lips are lined lightly in a color that matches their natural color. They are filled in with matching lipstick to further accentuate their fullness.

Fans of the model, numbering 333,000, were struck by the simplicity of the image and shared their comments on the post. So far, the post has been liked 7,900 times and counting.

"Wasn't expecting someone to look right into my soul the minute I open the gram," remarked one follower of the redheaded beauty.

"Those freckles kill me!!!" stated a second fan.

"You were born to be real, not perfect though you are both," said a third Instagram user.

"Luv the freckles. I got to say I'm a little partial but I have some myself but that look. OMG! So seductive, natural and absolutely beautiful," said a fourth follower.