Julia Rose Pushes Boundaries With White Cropped Top & Bomb Pop Sucker: ‘Chilllin’

Julia Rose on Instagram
Julia Rose / Instagram

World Series flasher Julia Rose is living her best life and pushing boundaries during the coronavirus pandemic. She continues to thrill her fans with pictures that stop just short of Instagram’s line on nudity.

In the image, Julia stood in what appeared to be a dining room beside a table and chairs alongside a mirror that hung on the wall. The Shag Mag founder wore a tiny, white, short-sleeved, cropped t-shirt from Saint Laurent that didn’t fully cover her areola, but the short garment stopped just short of showing the center of her nipples, which must have made it pass for Instagram’s standards. She paired the almost scandalous top with white bottoms, which may have been part of a string bikini or a pair of panties, that dipped low in the front and featured strings on either side that rose high over her hips. The outfit showed off Julia’s taut midsection, curvy hips, and dark, sun-kissed skin.

The model wore her brunette, highlighted hair pulled back in a messy ponytail with long bangs that hung down around her face. She wore shimmery eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and mascara that set off her big brown eyes. Her lips were nude with a glossy shine. She sported a light-colored manicure on her long fingernails, and she accented them with several different rings. In her hand, Julia held a frosty red, white, and blue popsicle that she licked with her tongue.

In her caption, the entrepreneur indicated that she is chilling, and she asked everybody else what they were doing. Her followers appreciated the sentiment. At least 554,000 Instagram users hit the “like” button to express their approval of the casual look Julia shared during her social distancing. Plus, more than 4,400 took the time to compose a reply for the comment section.

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ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts diddly dee

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“Why are you wearing such a big shirt?” joked one follower.

“Those Captain America popsicles get me in the same mood,” a second devotee noted.

Many of those who left a comment wondered when Instagram would take down the sexy shot for showing too much nipple.

“How does Instagram not take this down,” a third fan asked.

“I do not know how this isn’t taken down yet, but I’m not complaining,” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia recently left her followers stunned when she shared a picture of herself fully clothed. In it, she stood outside by a pool wearing an orange minidress that barely covered her curvy backside.