April 7, 2020
Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Willow's Worked Up Over Nelle & Determined To Take Action

It looks like Wednesday brings the next chapter in the ongoing Nelle saga on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Willow will waste little time after her visit to Crimson, tracking down Michael and others to rant about the latest developments.

As fans saw during Tuesday's show, Willow visited Nina at Crimson again. Willow is desperate for Nina to publish an expose on Nelle, but she was stunned to find out that her nemesis is the new assistant at Crimson.

Just before Nelle walked into the office, Nina said that there were some plans in play in an attempt to reassure Willow. It's not known exactly how much Nina would have shared with Willow, but that conversation came to a halt once Nelle appeared. Nina had to act as if she had sincerely wanted to hire Nelle as her assistant and Willow was left thinking that this was all on the up-and-up.

This means that Willow doesn't know that Carly has talked with Nina and that the goal is to help rather than hinder Michael's custody battle.

According to Soap Central, this week Willow will try to keep an open mind in some sense, and she will be filled with regret over something. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek that aired at the end of Tuesday's episode suggests that some of this will play out during the April 8 show.

It looks as if Willow, Chase, Sasha, and Michael will meet up at the Corinthos estate. Michael and Sasha received disappointing updates about the custody case from Diane while at the house, and it looks as if they'll still be there after Carly and Sonny have departed. Now, General Hospital spoilers share that an upset Willow will share the latest she's learned and the quartet may have some tough decisions to make.

Sasha already brought up the idea of Willow and Michael getting married to help his custody case. Chase was opposed and Michael was stunned, but Willow quietly considered all of the details about how this would work. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during this next meeting, she'll emphatically insist that they have to figure out a way to keep Wiley safe from Nelle.

It seems pretty likely the marriage idea will come up again, but even moving forward with that may not be enough to beat Nelle. General Hospital spoilers hint that both Josslyn and Carly may approach this ongoing Nelle problem from a different angle, and something about all of this seemingly has Willow seeking comfort from Chase next week.

What will it take to conquer Nelle and what will it mean for the pairings of both Michael and Sasha as well as Willow and Chase? General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday's episode will be key in laying the groundwork for some big developments with the Nelle storyline and fans are anxious to see how this is ultimately resolved.