April 7, 2020
Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Shows Off Hourglass Figure In White Leather Lingerie

Niece Waidhofer showed off her famous hourglass figure to her 1.6 million Instagram fans on Tuesday, April 7, when she took to the popular photo-sharing app to post a snapshot of herself rocking skimpy lingerie.

The photo captured Waidhofer lying on a bed as she held the camera above her head, focusing on her body, particularly her chest as she rocked a white leather lingerie set. The top featured a corset-like structure with a zipper running down the front. The corset boasted a low neckline that sat low on her chest, pushing against it to enhance her cleavage even more.

On her lower body, Waidhofer wore matching bottoms that included a similar zipper in the front, creating a slight opening. The bottoms also had extra straps that were placed high on her sides. According to the geotag, the photo was taken in Houston, Texas.

Waidhofer paired her photo with a lengthy caption in which she told her followers that her nose ring is fake, joking that it goes well with everything else about her body. She then discussed her mental health struggles, making another joke that the antidepressants and other medication she takes might be making her personality fake as well.

The post racked up more than 50,000 likes and about 1,000 comments within one hour of being posted, proving to be an immediate hit with her fans. Instagram users took to the comments section to praise her for being open about her mental health, while also showering her in compliments.

"No shame in sharing your mental health issues. It's a stigma that's plagued everyone for years. Not being able to talk about our issues creates bigger issues. You are beautiful inside and out, and I'm sure your personality is a variation of who you truly are. Yeah medicine sometimes either amplifies or mutes your self but some parts still shine through. I'm rambling, just wanted to share my 2 cents," one user wrote.

"Those curves are real," replied another fan.

"Omg Niece. You are so divine," a third person chimed in, trailing the words with a red heart emoji.

"You're still are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," another one added.

As those who follow Waidhofer will surely know, she is always teasing her fans with rather raunchy photos and videos. As The Inquisitr has previously written, she recently took to her Instagram to post a flirty new video that captured her wearing only a towel. She placed the camera in front of her and sucked on the tip of her thumb. She then leaned forward to blow her audience a kiss, smiling sweetly at the end.