Jaxon Buell Dead, ‘Miracle Boy’ With Microhydranencephaly Dies At Age 5

Jaxon Buell poses for a photograph
Jaxon Strong / Facebook

Jaxon Buell is dead. People reports that the “miracle boy” passed away on April 1, in North Carolina, at the age of 5. Jaxon was born with 80 percent of his brain missing due to the condition Microhydranencephaly. His father, Brandon, opened up about his son’s final moments.

“Jax passed away very peacefully, comfortable in my arms. He was surrounded by his parents and his family and enjoyed so much love and snuggles in the final moments of his life and journey with us.”

Brandon also made it clear that Jaxon’s death was not related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Jaxon Defied Expectations & Became A Social Media Star

Jaxon was born in Florida in 2014, and was delivered via C-section to Brandon and Brittany Buell. His Microhydranencephaly condition caused him to be born without a part of his skull and his brain was 20 percent of the usual size.

Jaxon survived birth and while he was unable to walk or talk, he defied the odds and was able to communicate with his parents through noises. He was also able to roll over, and to make eye contact. While these are considered milestones for most babies, such efforts were well beyond expectations for baby Jaxon, earning him the nickname “miracle” from his parents. In 2015, Brittany described the pride she felt for Jaxon to News4Jax.

“He’s our miracle baby. He’s our hero. He’s definitely our little hero.”

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Brandon and Brittany documented Jaxon’s development and regularly shared his life on social media. Jaxon eventually grew a sizable online following, eventually amassing 225,000 fans on his Facebook page titled “We Are Jaxon Strong.” The group has since been deleted. The child’s supporters raised money for his medical bills, and media outlets across the world covered the “miracle baby” and his #JaxonStrong movement.

Jaxon made regular appearances at Jacksonville Jaguars football games, and the team’s former quarterback — Blake Bortles — was one of Jaxon’s biggest supporters. Bortles and the rest of the team regularly raised awareness about Jaxon’s rare condition.

In Only A Few Short Years, Jaxon Inspired Thousands

In March, Jaxon’s organs began to fail, and he entered hospice care. Weeks later, he had passed away, leaving behind thousands of fans which he had inspired during his short life. Jaxon’s father shared a message following the death of his son.

“I have no idea how this healing process is supposed to go. All I know is how proud of my son I am, how much I will miss him, how much he has changed my life, and how much he has touched countless others.”

Brandon also gave an emotional tribute to his only child on Instagram. He reminisced about his son’s “beautiful bright blue eyes and his perfect smile,” treasuring all of the memories they had shared together. While Jaxon is gone, his father wrote that his son’s spirit and impact will live on. Brandon encouraged Jaxon to “Fly high and run far, son.”

“I love you so much, Jaxon. I can’t wait to see you again someday in your perfect form, running and laughing in Heaven. Enjoy the head start, son. You earned it by being the most perfect, the sweetest, and the strongest little boy ever.”