April 7, 2020
Jessica Weaver Rocks Rolled-Up Shirt & Flaunts Major Underboob For The Camera

Jessica Weaver rocked a rolled-up shirt and exposed a massive amount of underboob in her most recent Instagram upload, which her fans are loving.

The busty model took to her Instagram account earlier today to share the racy new photo that showed off her gorgeous curves. In just a matter of hours, the image has become an instant hit with her 9 million followers. She tagged the photo in Los Angeles, California, but did not share the exact location.

The photo showed Weaver sprawled out in bed on a sea of pillows, resting one arm near her side and grabbing her rustic, wooden headboard with the other. Her sheets had a funky black-and-white geometric pattern with plenty of shapes, including arrows, dots, and squares.

Weaver arched her back as she lay on the pillows, covering a portion of her face with her left hand. The tattoo sleeve on her other arm was fully visible while the model pretended to sleep, her tousled golden locks falling onto the pillow and grazing her hand. playfully twirled one of her golden locks.

She closed her eyes as she showcased a gorgeous application of makeup. Her glam included defined brows, light blush, and a dab of clear lip gloss.

The model looked incredible in a bright blue top that she wore rolled to her mid-chest, showing a scandalous amount of underboob in the seductive look. She coupled the revealing tee with a pair of black and white Calvin Klein pajama pants. They appeared to be made from a thin material and were etched with the company logo in cursive throughout. Meanwhile, the waistband sat snug on her tanned tummy while highlighting her trim waist.

The post, which teased a giveaway for an Amazon gift card, earned plenty of attention from fans. In under an hour, the photo was double-tapped over 20,000 times and racked up more than 700 comments. While many followers were quick to rave about her jaw-dropping figure, countless others simply tagged their pals to enter the contest.

"Beautiful sleeping princess with the body of a goddess," one follower commented, adding single red heart emoji.

"I know I should be looking at you're chest here... but you're [sic] skin looks fire," another one of Weaver's fans pointed out alongside a few flame emoji.

"Wow, so beautiful hope you have a great day. I miss the gym," a third fan added.

In another recent share, the model switched things up by rolling her shorts instead of her top.