April 7, 2020
Nina Serebrova Flaunts Cleavage & Toned Legs In Sultry Snaps

Russian model Nina Serebrova has shared yet another sexy Instagram update. On Tuesday, she uploaded a couple of sultry snaps that saw her flaunting her cleavage and toned legs in a sexy bodysuit.

The post was tagged in the Miami neighborhood of Brickell. Nina said that the photos were from a previous photo shoot, but she did not indicate when they were taken. The shots saw her sitting on a short concrete fence with a tall row of shrubs behind her.

Nina wore a white bodysuit with off-the-shoulder, puffy long sleeves. The top of the suit was loose and featured a plunging neckline, and the bottom was fitted. She accessorized with a pair of chunky dangling earrings, and her tan glowed as the sun hit her skin.

The first snap caught Nina from a side angle sitting on the edge of the wall with one knee raised. The pose showed off the bare skin on the back of her thigh and hip. Her other leg was extended with her toes pointed. She held a single rose in one hand as she placed it on her bent knee. Her cleavage was on display as she held her hair in her free hand and tilted her head back. She closed her eyes and wore a sultry expression on her face.

In the second picture, Nina struck a more seductive pose. The shot showed her from the front as she posed with her legs slightly spread with one foot on the wall. She extended her other leg with her toes pointed. She sat with her hands between her legs as she held the rose. The top of the bodysuit slipped over her shoulders, revealing her shapely shoulders and ample chest.

In the caption, she asked her fans which photo they like the most.

It seemed that many were too distracted by the images to answer her question. Instead, they flooded the comment section with compliments.

"Your pictures should be literally taken in a dictionary next to the word 'perfection' because you truly and actually define it," one follower told her.

"You're gorgeous," wrote a second admirer.

"Extraordinary Beauty from the top of your head to your very pretty toes!!" gushed a third follower.

"Very beautiful," a fourth fan said.

Nina looks gorgeous in just about everything she wears. Not too long ago, she flaunted her booty in a black bodysuit while sporting a pair of thigh-high boots.